Top 4 Features of the Best Packaging for Cosmetics

Customizable, Sustainable, Versatile & Advanced Printing Techniques

When it comes to the most famous perfume — Chanel No 5 — people immediately think of its unique bottle packaging: specially designed as a cut diamond and shaped like the geometry of the Vandon Square in Paris. Successful packaging design for cosmetics cannot only quickly catch the eyes of consumers, but can also be your brand story teller and let people feel the quality, style, and level of your products. This is especially true for female buyers, the most emotional consumer group, for whom a fantastic design or logo can hit their hearts and arouse a sudden desire of purchase. Therefore, as for the marketing of the cosmetics, the packaging is paramount. An excellent product needs to match with fabulous packaging.

According to Amazon Service, the recipe to attract more and more customers and win a five- star rating after every sale is to satisfy them with the perfect packaging. Except for the product quality and delivery, the packaging plays a significant role in persuading consumers to make a repeat purchase and to recommend the product to others in the future. For this reason, when it comes to marketing, product packaging is the first factor to attract the consumers’ attention.

Then, there’s one problem— in the beauty and health industry, what kind of beauty packaging is the most admirable? In other words, what features does the best cosmetic packaging should have and which are just the icing on the cake? This definitive list ranks 4 useful features that your makeup packaging needs to own.

  1. Customizable

In light of the 2016 E-Commerce Packaging Preference Survey, Premium Shoppers (hundreds of customers who spend more than $200 per month) attach higher importance to custom packaging design. Among them, 50% think that custom packaging brings more value to the product itself. 40% would like to become returning customers based on the custom packaging, and 37% have posted a photo of a custom packaging on social media. That is to say, the custom packaging gives the first impression of your brand to consumers and is difficult to change their perception of a product even when it does not conform to the actual properties, especially in the cosmetics industry.

So what’s the custom packaging for cosmetic products? What features should it have? In fact, it’s not as mysterious and complicated as people perceive it. You should design promotional slogans and patterns. Then you can choose the appropriate size and printing in the light of product differentiation and positioning. Customized packaging for health and beauty products are distinguishable from other cosmetics brands in the market and enhance the brand recognition.

  1. Advanced printing techniques

Marvelous design and sophisticated patterns rely on advanced printing techniques for their display and production. Without an excellent printing technology, no matter how fabulous your design is it will easily be perceived as useless. That’s basically the same as making bricks without straw. As the science and technology are developing together with the improvement of consumers’ aesthetic judgment, people are no longer satisfied with simple pattern design and prefer a more realistic, natural, and sophisticated image. It poses a great challenge to the printing techniques for beauty packaging.

Printing techniques for cosmetic packaging are tightly aligned with the brand planning and product marketing. It’s so significant that selecting a reliable and superior packaging manufacturer decides the progress of the market. Auber Packaging, for example, is a cosmetic tube supplier dedicated to promoting the advancement of technology in product printing. By selecting Auber Packaging, you can rest assured you will gain one of the most reliable and competent business partners for CMYK printing, hot stamping, and a different varnish. They have mastered a whole range of printing techniques through their 14 years of experience in this field. Their mission is to provide premium and perfect cosmetic tube solutions that improve the uniqueness and style of cosmetic brands.

  1. Recyclable vs Sustainable

Makeup packaging should emphasize recycled materials and sustainability demands. Nowadays, Millennials (aged 21 to 34) have gradually become the leading consumption force in the beauty industry. They pay more attention to environment protection and expect their options to be beneficial for themselves and for the planet. According to Don Droppo, Jr., the president & CEO of Curtis Packaging, “To Millennials, it’s a given that you will recycle, sort your trash and ultimately do the right thing. It’s expected that the future of packaging will be made from recycled materials, right-sized and recyclable.”

Hence, it would better to utilize the recycled materials in your beauty packaging to cut costs, minimize the environmental impact, and cater to the tastes of customers. Glass packaging contains a high percentage of reusable ingredients while paper and cardboard are easy to recycle and biodegrade. As for the plastic tube packaging for cosmetics, the PBL tubes (Plastic laminated tubes), and PE (Polyethylene) tubes are the best options in terms of recyclability. That’s also the choice of Auber Packaging, which deeply believes in the importance of sustainability by offering natural and upscale cosmetic tubes to its customers.

  1. Versatile

For beauty packaging, it’s necessary to take versatility into account as well. Above all, a product packaging must satisfy its basic protective function. Why? The survey organized by Shorr Packaging offers valuable insights. Four-fifths of consumers consider protection to be the crucial aspect of packaging; 13% of them stated that a damaged package is the third most irritating or annoying aspect of the e-commerce packaging. One in 10 packages is easily injured if they’re not packed properly. Therefore, the protectiveness and resistance of beauty packaging should be placed on top of all factors during the production phase. A high-quality packaging should be resistant to damages and prevent possible contaminations with the products.

Apart from resistance, it’s also essential to take into consideration the commercial and design value as well as the reduced costs of storage and shipping. Good packaging should give the product a higher value. So the best cosmetic packaging design is supposed to make full use of natural, social, technical and marketing scientific knowledge, and to combine the scientific and technological achievements with creativity.

What kind of cosmetic packaging can light up your beauty products and delight your customers? You can play it safe by relying on what is customizable, sustainable, versatile, and produced with the most advanced printing technology. Auber Packaging can indeed offer us all of this.

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