Best Anterior Hip Replacement Specialist in Chicago

Distinct replacement of hips to reduce pain:

About 300,000 Americans are subjected each year to hip replacement operation and then to an extensive recovery process that restricts their movement. But not all hip procedures are similar.

Dr. Steven Louis presents a unique alternative approach by targeting the front hip joint. The technique known as anterior treatment minimizes the discomfort and the duration between operation and recovery. A broader array of patients— including more substantial, heavier patients— can be candidates for minimum invasive or prior hip operation.

Dr. Steven Louis-A Brief Introduction:

Over the past seven years, Dr. Steven Louis has performed less invasive direct and anterior total hip replacement. He is one of the famous doctors to do this in the Chicago area and has treated over 2000 cases in seven years. His patients had faster rehabilitation, earlier hospital discharge, less postoperative hip precautions, lower dislocation rates, and a quicker return to everyday driving and painless activities.

Few alternate approaches:

Once degenerative arthritis diagnosed, there need for total hip replacement taken into account. The best alternative solution discussed with your physician on the grounds of a medical condition, background, weight, and level of activity before the planning of the procedure.

The technique of incision:

The orthopedic surgeons use a small incision at the front of the hip for their prior method to hip replacement. This technique enables the surgeon to function between tissue and muscles without detaching it from the bone or thighbones, thus avoiding trauma and a longer healing process.

Best facilities in Illinois state:

Maintaining these muscles intact can also help prevent dislocation. The patients stop the discomfort by lying on the incision site because the incision is in front. Further past hip replacement surgeries conducted in Hinsdale, IL, Dr. Steven Louis Hospital than any other State of Illinois hospital.

Advanced Medical Technologies:

When hip arthritis fails in more conventional treatments, hip replacement is often the only left treatment that can provide relief. Fortunately, medical technological advancements and highly qualified experts like Dr. Steven S. Louis of Anterior Hip Surgery have made hip replacement operations safer and more useful than ever before. Dr. Steve S. Louis, who is a proponent of a minimum invasive approach, is committed to safe, effective, and rapid patient recovery.

Is the replacement of anterior hip better than traditional procedures?

The previous hip replacement option is an improvement on other operating approaches because of increasing recovery time for our orthopedic specialists. The operation aims to deliver you a joint that is pain-free and always lasting, allowing you to heal and adjust to everyday activities in a shorter period.

Anterior hip replacement approach Pros:

Here are many benefits to the anterior approach. Some of them are:

  • Accelerated recovery time because essential muscles don’t have withdrawn during the technique
  • Fewer confinements during recuperation because the patient can all the more uninhibitedly twist the hip and bear weight
  • Reduced terrifying because the procedure utilizes one generally little cut
  • More stable embed sooner after the medical procedure since muscle and tissue don’t need to be upset.

A few risks include:

  • Infection – may happen externally in the injury or somewhere inside around the prosthesis
  • Blood Clot – may occur in the leg veins or pelvic locale; it can be perilous.
  • Leg-Length Inequality – happens when one leg feels longer than the other.
  • Dislocation – happens when the ball leaves the attachment

There’s no overemphasis on experience:

Choose a surgeon you’re comfortable with and treat you and not your Radiation. It is also necessary to choose a hospital with an established history and reputation of a joint replacement procedure of excellence. A specialist you trust and who has a reputation for delivering THR is the primary goal of every person considering hip replacement surgery.

Dr. and Hospital Reputation:

You want a surgeon who spends the time making a precise diagnosis and developing a plan for your needs and goals. It’s also crucial that your doctor has a friendly, encouraging, and skillful support team. You want to ensure that the hospital has a proven reputation for excellent replacement operation outside the doctor’s office.

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