5 Fresh Tips for Cleaning Your Office

It’s time to part ways with the mess and clutter in your office once and for all. Cleaning an office can be made simple, easy and effective when handled the right way. We have 5 fresh tips for you to have your space neat and tidy in no time!

1. Get Rid of Junk

There are broken pens, excess coffee mugs and an overwhelming amount of business cards everywhere — what do you do? Some of them were freebies you just had to agree to keep. Other items just feel useful even if you haven’t touched them in months…

Step one to having a clean office space is to get rid of all of that junk. They are causing clutter and chaos in your space, making it more difficult to remain productive. If the thought of getting rid of things overwhelms you, this site will help you find someone to do the job for you!

2. Make Space For Everything

One of the pro office cleaning tips is putting everything in a designated place. Try assigning a place for everything and make clear labels to make them even easier to find. By creating the habit of putting things away, you can declutter like it’s your second nature.

Avoid filling up every bit of space with stuff, however. Leave room for new items by keeping a few empty drawers or shelves available.

3. Clear Out Your Desk

Is your desk serving as your kitchen table during lunchtime? It may be time to clear the path from you to your computer by decluttering your desk. Your general office cleaning should include having a clean desk so you can increase your odds of productivity. 

Schedule time to declutter your desk every day. It will help you minimize leaving things on your desk that have no place and creating more room for you to work freely.

4. Clean Up Electronics

Dirty computer monitor? Keyboard full of bread crumbs? You are not the only person who eats lunch at their desk. Especially if you are a busy bee who needs to multi-task sometimes. But those week-old stains are not conducive to keeping your office clear of distractions. 

Lucky for you, it can be a very quick fix. Grab some wipes specifically made for electronics and wipe down your monitor and keyboard daily. Keeping the dust and debris at bay is better for your electronics to function and keeps germs at a minimum.

5. Keep Papers Filed

Filing all of those piles of paper is necessary to have a clean office space. The key is to file and process paperwork as you go. Create a system using file folders or trays and with clear labels. This should help with creating the habit of keeping files organized.

The same applies for files on your computer desktop. You can download a file organization software to get your files in order ASAP.

Cleaning An Office Made Simple

Cleaning an office can clear your head and result in you working harder. It will also give the impression that you are on top of things when someone enters your office. Keep this guide to cleaning your office the next time things get too cluttered, messy or otherwise out of hand!

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