Flowers help in healing patients

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Everyone of us is familiar with the soothing effects of nature. Flowers are the best gift by  nature. What we see and smell effects are body and mind as well. Nancy Etcoff from Harvard university conducted a research for checking out the effect of flowers in hospitals. The report said that in house or in hospitals flowers play a crucial role for a happy mind. 

A positive mind is possibly the best thing a patient can have. So may be by sending flowers if you are far away from you loved ones, you can help them in healing. In this regard you can check out a number of online websites such as florachic

A beautiful bouquet, whether in your house, office or in hospitals can lighten up your mood quite instantly. If you know someone stuck in hospitals or having a psychological break down you can just send some flowers to them for supporting them. It will be good for their mental health. 

What the researchers have to say? 

In 1993 a group of researchers conducted a survey for heart patients. During their heart surgeries they showed them some natural landscapes. 

Some of them were shown pictures and some had bouquets of flowers around their bed or on the walls. This research claimed that natural landscape effected the mental conditions of the patients and they were less anxious. Specifically those who were able to see a live view of nature.

Flowers scents can squarely effect the patient’s mood. Further researches proved it. Sharp scents can irritate the patients, instead some mild and fresh scents such as of lilies and orchids are more effective. 

Which flowers to send? 


Physicians highly recommend lavender for aa healthy and calm mind. Its scent helps in lowering blood pressure and helps in regulating the sleep cycles. Many patients going through psycho therapies are recommended to have a lavender aroma therapy twice a week. It sounds weird but that is how people are using nature’s blessing in a modern way. So if you are planning to send some flowers try to add some lavenders as well.  

Calendula flowers

These are known for their anti bacterial properties. Normally it is known as Marigold and people tend to use it for tea. Experts suggest to put these flowers beside the patient’s bed for a cleaner and healthy environment.

Irises and daffodils 

These two natural miniatures are helpful because they have got wild scent. Most people send lilies but on my personal experience I believe that these two are better if the patient is allergic to pollens. 

Sender must take extra care while sending flowers to a patient. Try to send flowers which are safe for their health. Follow some general guidelines because plants can some times dangerous for the patient’s health. This is because the immune systems of the patients are quite weak when they are under healing processes. Nevertheless within a small number of choices you can send according to the patient’s taste because in the end patient’s happiness and well being is all you wish for.

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