How Social Media Strategy Can Improve Your Small Business

Small business owners are constantly looking for better ways to get their company’s brand reach to their potential customers. If you have a business, it is important that you should start utilizing social media.

Social media strategy is often believed overwhelming but for small business it is quite easier than a large company. It is not good that you want to connect with your fans and potential customers but don’t have a presence on the main social networks. This means that you are missing out a great opportunity overall and your brand is not utilizing to the maximum.

Social media is even not terrifying or expensive if you just own a small company. By using the below tips, you can reach to potential customers and can deal with the new markets.

Read on how social media will build awareness and can drive sales for you!

1. Planning is Important:

A good business plan should have a layout and expert strategy. Social media marketing for small business can just begin by picking some popular social channels (must be selected according to your niche & market), registering the accounts and by starting some good organic posts.

Creating engaging posts, making use of good #hastags and designing attractive images are some of the initial steps to start with. Well for designing visuals and graphics, you can also use tools like Canva.

In some time, this will definitely give boost to your small business. 

For a good social media marketing plan, you need to start with the below steps:

Start with creating goals and objectives for your strategy:

Don’t rely just on the Hard Work but choose goals that will allow you to do some Smart Work. Your social media goals need to be pre-decided, specific and must have a timeframe. These goals should be based on performance, traffic engagement and how they are making real impact on your business.

Setting goals and demonstrating results are very important in raising your conversions rate, likes and followers.

Spy your competitors:

Learning from others is a good way to achieve success for ourselves.  Do you know where your competitors are ranking? How they are making social efforts? It is great if you can spy on your competitors, see their promotional strategy and build your plan by following them. Just remember to follow them while you don’t need to copy. There are also tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush which are amazing to grab your competitor’s information.

Do a social media audit: This is for those who are already using social media. Now this is the time for you to evaluate your strategy and move in the right direction. You can find many resources online for doing a social media audit as well.

Use Calendars for managing your social plan regularly: A self-designed social media calendar or a google calendar will work in this case. Maintaining a calendar will maintain a schedule for your social strategy. Now, for managing posts there are also tools like Hootsuite & Bufferapp which you can make full use of.

2. Find out which platforms are best for you

Don’t just make your own predications about your audience liking and disliking. First think about your audience and understand where they can mostly spend their time or the best is watching your competitor’s social accounts. Don’t assume that you should skip Twitter or Facebook and focus on Instagram/an App if you have a small shopping site. If you’re targeting your buyers, you can still use Facebook.

Also remember that you can use different social platforms to reach various kind of audiences. It’s important to do some hit & trials in your initial social media plan so just not stick to anything and keep experimenting.

3. Remember these points for an ongoing social strategy.

  • Build relationships with your existing customers and make constant efforts to get new clients
  • Expand your audience by regular conversations
  • Be regular but focus on the quality of efforts and postings
  • Use the right social media scheduling or promotional tools
  • Use engaging contents, memes, images, graphics and more
  • Keep track of your small business social performance
  • Involve paid strategy – Facebook and Instagram Ads

You know you have a small business but still you will need to think out of the box.

Social media can help you better connect with your customers, reach new potential clients, and improve awareness for branding of your business.

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