A Guide for Choosing the Right Skis for Kids

Skis for Kids

Taking your kids to the snow for the first time is one of the most magical experiences you’ll ever have. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing your children’s eyes light up at the sight of a mountain covered in a soft blanket of snow.

Almost all kids who go to the snow will inevitably learn how to ski, and part of the experience is equipping them with the correct skis and kids snow gear. This will prevent any injuries from happening, and ensure that they are able to learn to their fullest extent. You want your kids to have the best time possible, and a part of that is letting them participate in snow activities.

Buy Their Gear According to Skier Level

Skis aren’t a one type fits all scenario, there are differences in flexibility, core and shape that are designed specifically for kids and skiing abilities. A ski that is designed for a beginner skier is softer and much easier to manipulate, whereas a stiffer ski will require more technique to control and will be faster.

Choosing an advanced ski for a beginner child will seriously impede their learning process, as beginner skis are designed to be shorter and have rockers at the tip and tail which make it easier to control and don’t gain as much speed.

Snow gear stores like will have a wide range of skis for children that vary in style for beginners and advanced skiers alike, as well as other kids snow gear. They also have specialised fitters in store who utilise their experience to ensure a perfect fit.

Find the Correct Size

As with any other footwear, the correct size is imperative to supporting little growing feet and skis are no different. A child’s height and weight need to be measured and taken into consideration when choosing skis. When purchasing online, ensure that all measurements are in centimetres as US manufacturers will use inches and feet.

Know Which Brands Are Best

When it comes to skis you want the best brands out there. The craftsmanship, technology and designs will be well worth the money in the long run. As always, going to a specialty store is best and will always stock the best of the best in kids snow gear brands including Volkl and K2, which are globally renowned for their skis.

Know Different Types of Kids Skis

The most basic ski is the mountain ski which is versatile and made for groomed runs. Special skis with bindings like Volkl Revolt Junior Ski are designed for kids weighing under 35 kgs and are attached to the skis by a track system. Attached bindings make it easier for the skier to take turns so it’s perfect for children who are beginners.

If you want customisation for your children, then flat skis don’t have bindings attached which allows you to freely pick your binding of choice.

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