5 Unexpected Reasons Why You Should Know French

Parlez-vous Français? Learning a new language has immense benefits on an individual’s personal, social and career life. From improved memory, delayed mental deterioration to better decision making.

As one of the renowned international languages, so is there a need for quality French to English translation services. It is so because French has an extensive presence online and otherwise. Therefore, if you are considering learning a new language; below are the reasons why French should be in your list:

English vs. French Comparison

1.  It has some similarities to English

With your solid grasp of English, learning French can or doing English to French sentence translation can be relatively easy. French has a good number of cognates (words with similar sounds in different languages.)

They include adventure, activité, extraordinaire and more. These are mostly English words that are formal. Thus, implying that you won’t be starting your lessons from zero.

2.  It’s spoken in five continents

Across five continents of the world, French is the official language in 29 countries. Apart from these, many more states have it as a business, administrative or cultural language.

Also, after English, it’s the second most widely learned language. It ranks fifth in the widely spoken languages of the world. The total number of French-speaking individuals, both natives, and non-natives, add up to around 270 million.

For More Than Just French Translation Services

3.  Useful in International Relations

Would you like to pursue a career in an international organization? French is one of the most widely used languages in the UN, AU, Red Cross, and many other global firms. It is one of the official languages in the UN.

Also, it plays a vital role in lawmaking by the European Union. It’s one of the languages used by the ICC (International Criminal Court) in its meetings. In some regards, French has some preferred status at the Olympics, too.

4.  Exposure to a Rich Culture

In literature, France boasts the most significant number of Nobel Prizes (16 in total). That means the French language has some of the most prolific writings in the world. Many define it as the language of a unique culture.

Therefore, by learning to be a translator for French (perhaps), will help you gain a better understanding of cultural diversity. You will also get to enjoy enriching French music and films.

5.  It’s a bridge-building language

Learning French can act as a bridge for learning other European languages. In that, the language consists of words that exist or are closely related to those in other languages, not just English.

It includes those languages considered as romance languages. That is Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. The numerous common elements that French shares with these languages will fast-track your next language-learning experience.

Final Take on Whether or Not You Should Learn French

As stated earlier, learning a new language has excellent benefits for an individual. French, in particular, opens up numerous opportunities that give you a competitive advantage over others.

As an easy-to-learn language, and one that offers invaluable cultural experience; it may be the right time to sign up for a French class. Not because it betters your career prospects but simply because, c’est une langue de l’amour.       

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