How To Make Your Business Name More Memorable

Remembering the names of people that you just met can be challenging. Imagine that of a business you have purchased from just once, it gets much harder to remember then. The issue that most businesses face these days is how to stand out when there is so much noise in the market place. To add insult to injury, distractions have become so many in this era of quick entertainment that people’s overall attention is very sparse. Getting your business ingrained in the conscious and subconscious mind of your customer is your best bet to getting remembered and therefore getting more traffic than your competition. So what exactly do you need to do to ensure that your business name is memorable? Here are some ideas on ways to help your customers remember your business name.

• Repetition

Repeating something twice is good enough but ten times, that’s a game changer. To remember a new friends name, sometimes you need to ask a few times for it to stick. Your customers will not ask you to repeat your name many times. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that they see the name multiple times. The best ways to do this is by mildly incorporating your name in the business copy as well as adding it as subheadings within articles on your site in clear bold typography. The more that people see it, the more likely they are to remember it.

• Branded Gifts

Getting a gift gets an emotional reaction because let’s be honest, it feels great to get free stuff. Your customers will be glad to get free gifts from your company. This makes them feel like they are part of the company’s family and it sure makes your name memorable. After all, the gift is branded with your company’s name. Another amazing psychological factor related with free gifts is that your customers will be much more likely to tell a friend about your company if they believe they got something of value from you. If you don’t offer physical products, a virtual product works equally well. Giving your customer a valuable PDF tutorial to get something done for free is a great way to make your customer feel like they are important and therefore they are most likely to remember this treatment from your company.

• Attach a story

Many companies simply have a name because it sounds good. That is great but it does not guarantee that you will be a memorable company. There is something about a story that just makes a company unforgettable. Most companies have an about page that is very predictable. It describes what the company offers and gives an inkling of where they are located and a call to action to subscribe or buy or comment. This seems viable enough but a thousand other companies have this exact same about page on their websites. Having an interesting story about how the name came to be and how the company was formed makes your brand much more relatable and definitely more memorable.

• Better business phone number

Your business phone number can play a vital role in getting you connected with your customers again and again. Having a phone number that is super easy to memorize for your customer will help him/her remember your business for a long time. If you own a business and want your customers to always remember your name when they need the kind of product/service that you provide, you should definitely get a vanity number for your business. They are not only easy to remember but also promote your brand name as you can include your business name in the phone number such as 1-800-FLOWERS. Also, they boost the professionalism and credibility of your business. People will have more trust in your business and of course, it is not that easy to forget phone numbers something like 1-800-FLOWERS.

• Connect social media profiles

It might be hard for a large number of customers to constantly keep up with your website to see what is new. That is the importance of social media for businesses of all sizes. Having active social media profiles ensures that you are constantly in front of your customers. Optimizing all the profiles for your content makes it possible for clients to follow you wherever they best prefer. Instagram fans will see you constantly posting and commenting and being active and equally those that prefer Facebook will feel your constant presence. There is no way your customers will forget your brand if you are constantly updating and engaging them on social media. Another amazing way that you can take advantage of social media is by putting up advertisements. They are very cheap at the moment and this makes it much more easy to reach a wider client base and to keep your current customers aware that you are still up and running.

• Be unique

Being unique in the way that you brand your business is a great way to be remembered without too much effort. People are generally more likely to remember the odd thing when looking at a group of many similar things. Businesses online and even offline seem to conform to what is already happening in their current market. Most companies have a reception and waiting room that is bland and boring because apparently that is how businesses structure their reception and waiting rooms. That lack of creativity is costing you money and sending your customers to your competition. Finding your own unique voice within your niche will give you a definite advantage as people will remember that you did things is a specific way that was out of the norm. Being overly official at times can also work against you. Making sure that your customer feels comfortable and considered will make you score more customers compared to a stiff and boring approach. This is the importance of standing out from your company’s competition.

There are many ways that you can set yourself apart and many ideas you can leverage to ensure you are not forgotten, however you choose to go about it is up to the nature and resource capabilities of your company. The bottom line however is that you first need to put yourself out there. A proper website, great looking social media profiles and an overall friendly tone will give you an edge over the rest of the contenders.

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