Ways of eliminating insect


Noticing the increasing numbers and types of insects that go to homes with the start of the summer in search of food, food, and some of them to settle in one of the corners or home furnishings and reproduce there, which leads to injured residents of adults and children with diseases or annoyance, especially if these Insects of carrier types and vectors of infectious disease, forcing residents to take all necessary measures to eliminate them.

Pesticides for insect

pesticide is first effective solution to get rid of household insects, and are available at local markets in several qualities, Parmigiani insect crawls, Parmigiani flight, use the appropriate type of bugs to Disposal, and open Windows when used in the rooms of the House and get the kids and the elderly.

Natural ways to get rid of insects

 insects and some prefer to resort to natural ways to eliminate household insects, to avoid negative effects that may be caused by pesticides to children in case of inhaling or touching them, and each species of insects in a specific way to eliminate that align With physical and chemical composition.

The flies

The fresh lemon is explained from the middle, and in each half a number of cloves are planted, placed in the place of the flies, and the flies can be eliminated by evaporating the house with a free catch.


Exposing the bedding and blankets to direct sunlight and ventilating them permanently, as well as placing the dry basil leaves in gauze bags, sealing them and spreading them under or above the bed.


Mix an appropriate amount of water and liquid soap, pour the mixture into a spray-filled container, spray it on the cockroaches as soon as you see it, and take care of the container thoroughly before use, and cork balls can be distributed in cockroaches.


Peel the garlic beans and leave in places where fleas are noted, and can use mashed garlic instead of full love where it smells stronger and more effective in eliminating them.


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