Things To Keep In Mind While Making A Sand Pit For Kids

Children love playing around with sand and modeling various shapes and objects using it. This is why sandpits are becoming common as they allow you to have quality time with your kids. Moreover, children are introduced to a plethora of learning opportunities when you have a sandpit in your yard or garden. If you’re planning to have your own sandpit, this guide will let you know the factors that shouldn’t be left ignored.

  • Pick a suitable location

Choosing the right spot for your sandpit is where you should start from. For this, you need to keep in mind that kids will be spending a considerable amount of time in the sandbox, thus it shouldn’t be put in direct exposure of sunlight. You can go with a location under a tree in your garden as it will provide ample shade. However, make sure that you don’t end up damaging the roots while digging.

  • Access the type and amount of sand

It is vital to understand that play sand should be preferred over building sand if you’re planning to construct a sandbox. You can easily get play sand from any local hardware store. However, the quantity of sand required for the sandpit should be accessed before you carry out the rest of the construction. There are several tools like this sand calculator online that can help you determine the amount of sand you will require for your sandbox.

  • Make way for drainage

Ensuring proper drainage is vital in order to maintain the hygiene of your sandbox; otherwise, a plethora of germs and bacteria can develop in a water logged sandpit. Rainwater needs to be drained from it regularly in order to make it available for use. You should choose an elevated place for your sandpit if you don’t want it to be clogged during summer showers. Moreover, you can give it a slight slope so that rainwater can easily get drained.

  • Be mindful while using pesticides

You need to be careful while putting any pesticide or insecticide in your sandpit as these substances tend to leave a residue after being used. Make sure to follow all the guidelines mentioned on the label and be mindful about the wait period. You will have to leave the sandpit unused for a while so that the chemicals you’ve put in it can go inert and kids can be prevented from any potential harm.

  • Make sure to cover the sandbox

An uncovered sandbox might often develop various toxic ingredients like tremolite that you need to get rid of in order to ensure the safety of your kids. This is why it becomes imperative to use a proper lid a or plastic cover so as to keep your sandpit free from debris along with preventing such unwanted substances from developing.

All you need to do is to take out an afternoon for constructing a sandpit, or you could even buy a ready-made one. Having a sandbox is going to open numerous possibilities of spending a memorable time with your kids.

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