Meredith Iler – Here’s How You Can Help a Needy Charity Today

There seems to be more natural disasters today than ever before. Some say it is global it is the effects of global warming, others say it is biblical prophecies, while many say it is just a natural way for the planet to act and that we are currently in a up cycle for this type of weather. Whatever the reality is, there are more people suffering because of it and with that comes for the increased need for help from those of us who are fortunate enough to void these disasters.

There are many ways that we can help and we should do at least one and maybe several of these to insure that the needs of the neediest are met. Here are some things we can do:

Start a Charity

This is a major undertaking and requires you registering the company with the government and filing the paperwork to be legally recognized as a 501(c) tax exempt non-profit. This allows you to take in donations for a specific purpose and to be recognized as having your actions regulated by the government. The job requires very dedicated and talented people like Meredith Iler, who started her charity Helping a Hero, because she had a passion for helping returning wounded war veterans.

Once the Non-profit legal paperwork is acquired, you can collect donations and give funds away. Non-profits can have one or thousands of people in their employ and just as many volunteering for them. The work is hard and often mot very rewarding but when there are donations made and the effects seen from the work, many realize there is nothing that can compare to this work.

Conduct a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are a fundamental way for many charities to raise money. It might be a concert, a carnival, a silent auction, a raffle or all of the above combined that is used to get people to give to a worthy cause. Many fundraisers are now conducted online at crowd funding sites like Indiegogo or GoFundMe where donors can easily give money to a fundraiser or a charity.

There is a lot of work required to put on a fundraiser, but again, the benefits are huge once you see the money go to a worthy cause.


Donating is the tried and true method to support and charity people can give any amount they are comfortable with and then deduct this amount as a tax write off. So pick the charity you want to support, give generously and know that you get more than one benefit for doing so.


To be a volunteer at a charity is one of the highest forms of giving. Using your own hands to assist when people are in need not only helps them, it also gives you a deep sense of personal satisfaction. Many of the world’s charitable organizations have come to depend on volunteers to help with their causes. The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity come to mind as international organizations that utilize volunteers to provide help for the needy.

If you are interested in volunteering you can find a local food back, homeless shelter, crisis hotline or youth charity that would love your help. The payback to you will certainly outweigh any time you give.

Choose any or all of these ways to give and the world will be a better place because of it.

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