Art Director Jahved Crockett brings creative flair to Alice + Olivia’s Fall 22 promotional video

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Jahved Crockett spent his earliest years moving around to many locations, seeing the way of life of people all around the world. This sparked a fascination in him, creating a sense of wanderlust and desire to immerse himself in other cultures and their aesthetics.

Now, as an internationally in-demand Art Director, Crockett can bring all of that worldly exposure and turn it into an artistic and compelling visual that helps market and represent global brands. Specializing in the video and motion fields, he is at the forefront of new design, which he deeply enjoys. He is focused on the fashion industry, working with renowned companies like Valentino, Ambush, and Timberland, the last of which won him a Clio Award, an annual award program that recognizes innovation and creative excellence in advertising, design, and communication, as judged by an international panel of advertising professionals. Time magazine, in 1991, described the event as the world’s most recognizable international advertising awards.

“I love working with fashion clients as they are very avant guard. Fashion is always seeking out the new and wishes to push the boundaries and limits of design. As an Art Director it is so exciting to be part of this discussion about where we are headed as a culture,” said Crockett.

One of Crockett’s most prominent working relationships is with Alice + Olivia. Alice + Olivia is a New York City-based contemporary clothing company with designer Stacey Bendet at the helm. The global brand launched at Barneys in 2002 and is now sold in over fifty countries. When Crockett arrived in New York City last year, he wanted to work with an established fashion brand that would allow him to execute his creative vision. 

“I was working with head creative Sylvia Yang at Alice + Olivia. Sylvia had just taken me on for my video experience and art direction ideas. There are two major fashion shows for Alice + Olivia each year. Fall and Spring. They are the most important times to display the new fashion collection. Sylvia asked me to join at this critical time to oversee the video side of the production. She was very excited to see what I could contribute to the project with all my years of international experience,” Crockett recalled.

Crockett became a key part of the company’s 20th anniversary celebration that featured famous poet and activist Mahogany L Browne and Ebony Williams, renowned choreographer and dancer for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”. The video showcased the Fall 22 collection for Alice + Olivia. 

“Alice + Olivia is a very creative young brand with so much potential. They like to be at the forefront of creative ideas, collaborating with so many artists and other fashion designers. The brand is also very active in charitable causes and activism particularly in matters of helping black women,” said Crockett.

Crockett’s previous experience for other major fashion brands was an incredible asset when it came to working on this high-profile project. Alice + Olivia required a leader to take charge of the video, and Crockett was more than up for the task. He began working on the backend of the project about a week before they were going to shoot. He describes it as “a very rushed and exciting time.” He was pivotal in the pre-production of the video and created a new working method that the team had not done before. It allowed them to play with new artistic concepts before they started shooting. 

Crockett also helped create a video storyboard and some of the prop designs. Shoot day was a great success and he was told that they couldn’t have done the video side of the project without his substantial contributions to the project, which was one of the biggest events in Alice + Olivia’s fashion calendar year. It was critical to showing off the new collection to buyers and the 800 select department stores that sell the collection. The video that Crockett worked on displayed the new collection and made huge impressions for the brand. This video will help drive sales at Alice + Olivia, which is now one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the United States. 

The Instagram version of the video was liked and commented on by famous celebrities such as Paris Hilton, who has 18.6 million followers on the platform. The video was also placed on, the biggest name in fashion media. Crockett is honored to have been such a major part of this outstanding success.

“Knowing that I can bring my skills to a hugely successful city like New York and have the project be a success, is very gratifying and humbling. Alice + Olivia were very happy with the outcome, so that is also very rewarding,” Crockett concluded. “Most importantly, we worked with so many amazingly talented BIPOC women. It was so great to have them celebrated as the lead roles in the video.”

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