Why Display Mannequin in Most Sports Clothing Stores Is Black?

Display Mannequin

Nowadays, the sales of physical stores not only depend on the quality of clothes, but also the overall decoration of the store. The light must have its own style and the display mannequin must look attractive… If there is a cutting-edge fashion sense in your store, your clothes will absolutely sell well!

Display Mannequin is the best tool for storefront decoration! The display mannequin is generally a little slimmer and taller than ordinary people. With a perfect silhouette, the mannequin body can better display the clothes. So, the clothes on the mannequin body usually look prettier and more attractive. Now, let’s put the hot sellers and new arrivals on the mannequin body to attract the eyes of the customers! Also, here is a stereoscopic feeling on the mannequin. Customers observe the clothes in all aspects and imagine how these clothes will look like on themselves!

It’s quite common to see the mannequins that were shoddy in the big stores. Some of them have dirty marks on the tapes, and some of them lack arms and legs piling up together.

Eco-friendly mannequin is here to save your store display. As for the material of mannequins, PC mannequins is highly recommended. It is not only environmentally-friendly, but also durable. More importantly, it does no harm to people. As for the style of mannequins, it depends on the style of your clothes. Mannequin body is a part of your store. The details cannot be ignored. Mainly there are white and black mannequins! The limbs of the mannequin can also be bent freely. With some poses on the mannequin, it looks more real and the clothing will look better.

You can choose a simple one with no exaggerated expression and hair, just a silhouette of a slick head! Or you can customize one with action. Posh Concept company provides custom service. It is a reliable company. To stay away from the mannequin paint misfortune, shading blurring, scratching and cracking problems, Posh Concept picks one-advance blow molding and exceptional surface treatment to keep the mannequin sturdy.

Mannequins in sports clothing

So why the mannequins in sports clothing stores are black?

This mainly depends on the overall style of the clothing store! If it is women’s wear, there are more white mannequins. If it is a men’s or sportswear store, black mannequins are more common! The reasons are below:

(1) Blacks have a better proportion of body

Objectively speaking, the black mannequin is the best among all the kinds of mannequins. The proportion of the upper body is relatively short, and the legs are long.

Even in our eyes, the blacks look less beautiful, or a little fat, but their upper and lower body ratio is super good, probably 4:6. So, according to the contours of black people, it is more suitable for clothing display.

(2) Black mannequin looks like a strong black athlete

If you look at the champion of the sprint race, they are basically black. Pure black people have stronger physical strength and stronger explosive power. In sportswear stores, to stimulate customers’ desire for impromptu purchases, it is necessary to convey the elements of movement, such as vitality, movement, and health. Black mannequin makes it easier to relate to black athletes and create a sense of substitution.

(3) It is reasonable to use black mannequin from the view of color matching

Imagine that the clothes take off from the black mannequin are worn on your own body. Do you feel that you are wearing more beautiful/handsome than it? Shopping desires will suddenly appear. If the clothes are worn by a white mannequin, you are not sure you can wear as nice as it, right?

Besides, the skin color of people who exercises regularly is generally not too white. The color of sports clothing is mainly the color that makes a person look black. So, looking at the upper body effect of the black mannequin will give us a more appropriate psychological expectation.

In a word, black mannequins with these characteristics are really the best choice for sportswear stores. If you are thinking of buying display mannequin in your sports clothing store, remember to buy dark mannequins.

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