Why you would need your marriage certificate?

Marriage certificates are essential, and it’s highly recommended to you to have at least two copies of a marriage certificate at a time. It’s necessary so that in case you have lost the original one, you can use the photographs. 

You can use the copies of your marriage certificates in so many situations like you can keep them in your document file as well. Marriage certificates are essential as they are proof of your marriage. There are a lot of underlying reasons for which you should always have your marriage certificate with you once you are married.

Legally name change

If after marriage you are thinking of legally changing your name, you would need to have a marriage certificate as proof that you are married. You, in that case, have to submit your marriage proof to the social security office and in case of not having the marriage proof, you won’t be entertained. You must have the marriage certificate even after you have changed your name as it’s essential to make necessary legal changes to your work, bank account and other activities.

Health benefits

Once you are married, you have this chance of sharing the health benefits with your spouse. For this purpose, you would need your marriage certificate as proof to show to the authorities and to get enrolled in the health benefits period. You can now take your marriage certificate with customizations from marriage certificate templates for Microsoft word.  Most of the insurance companies to demand your marriage certificate from you to provide you the medical insurance along with the additional coverage.

Immigration benefits

If you or your spouse is a foreigner, any of you would want to have the immigration benefits. To have the immigration benefits, you need to show the proof that you both are married and that marriage is valid within the boundaries of the state you are living in. Having Marriage certificate templates would let you have the copy of your wedding certificate at any time you would need it.

Joint taxes

If you and your spouse are paying for the collective fees, you need to make this sure that you have a valid and legal proof of your wedding in the form of a marriage certificate. Having such proves would add your name with your spouse name on the tax file as well as on the social security card that you have.

For all these reasons and more, you need to have your original marriage certificate as well as the copies so that you can always have an option. Most of the times, the government authorities don’t accept the second copy of the documents so must have the original documents safe. In case you don’t have your innovative marriage processes like combined taxes, insurance, and health benefits will take a long time. However, you can make a customized certificate of your marriage using the templates and downloading them directly to your system. This saves your time and costs.

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