Instagram Expertise with Polina Pushkareva

Do not be misled by the simplicity of Instagram; the simple act of uploading photos and stories does not accurately communicate the incredible power of this app. Instagram blogger Polina Pushkareva’s mastery of the platform transformed her own life from that of a waitress working her way through university to that of an online guru who commands the salary of a Fortune 500 CEO, all within 2 years! Now through her marathon “Millionaires” and “Managers” online courses, Ms. Pushkareva is teaching others how to wield the great potential IG offers. The success of Polina’s IG approach has captured the interest of a global audience with iconic publications like GQ and Vogue interviewing her for insight on her story and tactics for transforming an IG account into a million-dollar promotional tool. This truly contemporary success story testifies to the fact that there are still new horizons to be discovered and conquered if one only has a guide of extraordinary ability to lead the way.

  Like most of us, Polina had an Instagram account during her time at University; one from which she didn’t expect any revenue stream. When her photos of menu items caught the attention of management at the restaurant where she worked, they asked her to take over their professional IG account. Diving in deep to uncover the potential of this, a stream of trial and errors led to the education of Ms. Pushkareva. The ensuing success led to more and more offers for her to manage and direct the accounts of others. “Aha” moment perceived, Polina headed full steam into dissecting what IG could truly offer herself and those whom she worked with. Without question, Polina Pushkareva is a pioneer in this new business world. Where so many see IG as a podium upon which to shout their latest musings or display their vacation photos, Pushkareva sees one of the world’s most powerful marketing and promotional tools for any conceivable brand.

To properly understand what IG offers, it’s important to know some specifics about the app. Instagram has one billion users and is second only to Facebook. While there are 110 million users in the US, users in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Russia make up a combined 238 million. The global presence of IG is profound. There is an almost 50/50 gender split in the IG audience, more than half of which log in multiple times per day and spend an average twenty-eight minutes on the platform. Optimal use of IG allows one to reach a global audience as never seen before, if you know how to do so effectively. A tool is only productive when used properly. Universally recognized as one of THE authorities on establishing an effective IG account, Polina communicates, “The success of your Instagram account starts long before you even upload anything. Too many bloggers don’t have a clear understanding of who their target audience actually is. To see real growth, you have to know them and serve their interests. If you are honest and sincere with them, the audience will grow with you.” She continues, “At this stage of Instagram, it’s essentially impossible for organic growth to happen. Buying advertising allows you to move forward and continually assess the potential benefits.”

  Pushkareva’s own IG account grew from one hundred thousand to six hundred and fifty thousand in a mere three months. Perceiving the potential of her strategy to aid others and new business opportunities, Polina created “Millionaires” and “Managers.” These courses clarify how to direct an Instagram identity and properly handle the work flow to see continual gains, whether for yourself or in the expanding world of managing IG accounts for others. Launched in January in Pushkareva’s native Russia, the eleven week intensive “Millionaires” received 4,000 subscribers. Polina is a mentor for thousands of people. She’s proactive with an understanding of how to make money faster. Her emphasis is on creating a team and delegating responsibilities rather than attempting to do all the work personally yet while retaining the pay difference.

The unique DNA of Polina’s online courses is that she is explains the essential knowledge without the boring theory. While her methods work in present day, she is constantly changing and updating due to rapid development of the internet culture. 

Polina’s educational offerings include “Blog manager”, “Blog manager 2.0”, “Millionaires” and “Vjebyvatel3000”, her latest one-month intensive program which was designed to help people reach their goals and achieve their target. Polina has become a role model for  a huge amount of girls who aspire to finance their dreams and become independent from anyone else. Her courses have allowed people to deeply understand the rules of social media and see the perceive how to earn more. As a result of this overwhelming response, English language versions of her programs is currently in the works. Proving her ethos of seeking the possibilities through trial and error, Polina recently landed her first feature film role starring opposite Oscar nominated Mickey Rourke in the upcoming feature film Warhunt. Polina Pushkareva is proving herself to be the modern day template for success by demanding the best from herself and testing boundaries.

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