Reasons Why You Should Play Golf


Golf is one of the fastest rising elite games, and in 2015 alone, more than 2.04 million new players were registered. Well, that tells you how much fun and attractive golf could be, especially if you are patient to learn the rules of the game.

So, why should you really play golf? Well, some of the reasons include but aren’t limited to the following:

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1. Exercise

Golf just like any other sport helps you to exercise and improve your flexibility. It also builds up muscles accordingly especially when you are a regular player.

However, if you want to exercise deeply to draw effect into the inner tissues, it is advisable that you incorporate it with the gym.

When you join a good golf club in your region you should find a member’s gym, where you’ll have access billed on your subscription fee.

Most golf clubs have an annual subscription that is renewable. Other than that, golf can just be enough because when playing it you spend much of your time either standing or walking around the course.

2. Challenge Yourself

The best thing about golf is that it is personal. Most times, you’ll find it necessary to play against yourself in order to break a new record.

Well, as you can see, it sounds a bit fun and challenging because you are your own competition. This ignites a spark in you that pushes you to work harder, not only in golf but also in office work so that you could make it to the course on time.

Fortunately, you can start from the bottom and climb up gradually. You can even start from an app if you can’t afford to go to a real club. All you need is the will and zeal to play!

3. Make New Friends

So many people come to the golf course alone, in the hope of having a quality time and probably make a couple of new friends.

Moreover, the clubhouse mainly comprises of different groups and so you’ll not find it hard to join the right cycle.

The other thing that can come about making new friends at the golf course is that you can improve business relationships.

Without any doubt, golf clubs attract people from all walks of life with varying businesses and ways of making money.

It would be accurate to say that most business deals are made on golf courses because it is a game of businessmen.

4. Great Outdoors

Golf is played on well-manicured lawns that will only resemble that of a garden in Hollywood. Spending time around such an environment does not only help relax your mind but also affects how you think and make decisions. 

There is the main reason why your boss would drag you to a golf course in one evening to discuss an upcoming promotion with you. Spending a lot of time outside also helps you sleep better at night.

5. Family Activity

Golf is a sport that can entertain the whole family starting from kids to adults. Moreover, other house members will not mind if you bring them along. Golf clubs also host various annual fun activities for its members, including family fun out days.

6. Leisure

Lastly, golf is something that you can play just for leisure, without having to join a specific competition. Moreover, provided that you are registered as a member of a golf club within your region, the courses will always be open to you at any time, especially during weekends.

It is also a good way to unwind on a typical evening of a business day. Research also shows that beautiful surrounding eases anxiety, something which you just need during your leisure time.

When all these things are put together, you’ll realize that playing golf is generally beneficial to your health, physical-wise, and mental-wise.

Constant or rather chronic anxiety is what brings about depression, and playing golf will exactly save you from that. Register for golf today and enjoy the perks that come with being a member of a registered club!

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