Jewelry origin story and meaning

Shakespeare said: “Jewelry is silent, but it can touch women’s hearts more than any language.” In the world of jewelry, almost every kind of jewelry is closely related to love. For a piece of jewelry, beauty is not only its appearance, but also the deep affection and special meaning contained in it. The meaning of different jewelry represents different. Different jewelry also has its own different origin story. Let us take a look.


In the tribal war, men often chained women from the other tribes and made her as wife. Later, the chain evolved into a necklace. The meaning of the necklace is different from the original intention in ancient times, but it is similar. Where, I hope that “snatch” each other and “stay” our love, and never separate.

The necklace is worn close to the heart, so the meaning of the necklace also means that you are only in your heart.

The meaning of the necklace I am in love with you, give you my true heart, I hope you can feel my true feelings.


At the beginning of the birth, the ring was just a hoop. It was recorded in Greek mythology. When Zeus was discovered that Prometheus had stolen the fire to humans, the angry man locked him in the big rock with a chain. Prometheus was rescued, but his finger left a hoop forever. This hoop is the prototype of a modern ring.

The first person to use the diamond ring as an engagement token was the Austrian king Maximilian. In 1477, in order to won the heart of Mary. He made a special diamond ring and gave it to Mary. Mary felt sincere and eventually married him.

Since then, the custom of using diamond rings as engagement tokens has been formed in the West.

The ring represents love for you in your heart, and is willing to be ordained for your love. The ring has become the most straightforward and sincere expression of love.

Ear sticker

Wearing earrings is related to ancient superstitions. In the legendary, devil and other demon spirits always want to enter the human body and occupy the human body. Therefore, all the holes that may enter and exit on the human body must be specially guarded, and the earrings are the lucky charms worn on the ears.

The ear sticker is the closest place to the ear. It represents the lucky charm and also represents the object of my conversation. All happy and happy grievances hope that you will talk to me. I am willing to listen to your heart.


In ancient primitive society, primitive humans wore animal skins, animal bones, and animal teeth on their bodies, necks, hands, or feet. The purpose of this is to dress up the beast to confuse others, and on the other hand to carry the weapon with the ability to attack. Later, people found that the more jewelry a person wears, the more beasts that the person is hunting, the stronger the ability he has. After that, people put their own beasts’ skins and bones into bright, eye-catching ornaments on their wrists, engraving patterns such as mountains, rivers, stars, and moons to show off their abilities, which also allowed bracelets, etc. jewelry has become a symbol of identity, ability, rights, status, and also symbolizes courage and tact.

Until today, everyone still retains the habit of wearing bracelets to show their unique charm.

The bracelet is homophonic, and a small bracelet is tied to two beating hearts, which means that the two are accompanying each other and guarding each other.

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