BBQ Grill Topper: the best way to bring you healthy and tasty grilling

BBQ grill topper

What else is better than having some great time outdoors with family and friends? Grilling is absolutely one of my favourite choices as I enjoy chatting with friends during cooking the meal in this way, at the same time, we can also enjoy the yummy food that is freshly made by ourselves.

Some people think that grilling is not great for their health and they frequently relates grilling is not as good as steaming in terms of retaining nutrition; however, this is totally a misunderstanding, and we are going to break this rumour in this article. With the help from special grilling cookware—such as Unicook’s BBQ grill topper—can make the whole meal not only healthier, but more enjoyable and convenient.

Top Five Benefits Of Grilling

Firstly, allow me to share some of the primary advantages of grilling, compared with cooking on the stove or in the oven.

· Less fat is consumed

Having less fat in food is the most significant advantage when we grill. Less oil is required when cooking the meat and vegetables because we don’t need to be worried about sticking on the pan. Furthermore, excess fat from the meat will drip away before it is served on your plate.

· Meats and vegetables on the grill are better

The primary reason is that it takes less time to cook which allows more nutrients such as minerals and vitamins being retained in the vegetables.

 The vegetable is not the only thing that is better on grilling. When you grill meat, more riboflavin and thiamine are preserved. These elements directly associate with turning food into fuel and providing more energy to support your daily activities.

· Grilling is just fun

In addition to those physical benefits, another reason I love grilling is that it is a social activity! Sitting outside with your friends and grill the food together offers a chance for a good chat. Better yet, it also encourages the kids to do more outdoor activities such as frisbee and soccer.

The Benefits Of A High-quality Grill Topper

Although grilling itself is healthy and easy-to-make already, there are various benefits through using a high-quality BBQ grill topper—such as those from Unicook—to make your meal even more enjoyable:The design with a narrow 1/8-inch slit allows heat to better circulate within the pan, meanwhile preventing small food items from falling through the plate. Such a design considerably makes it more accessible to delicate both meat and vegetables in all sizes.

1. The slit is specially designed not only for heat circulation but also prevent food from falling down inside the grilling machine. Before my friend was cooking asparagus. The heat made their sizes shrank and some of them fell into the machine and became dirty. It was a waste of food and we love asparagus by the way. Having a grill topper with dedicated design and function is ideal for cooking smaller size foods like shrimps, scallops and our favourite asparagus.

Grill Topper

Beside its slit size, the overall topper size is also important. It should be compatible with most regular grill. A 16-inch by 11-inch is usually perfect as it provides plenty of surface area to place foods. Meanwhile, such a specification fits all types of charcoal, gas, wood pellet and electric grills, which makes the topper more versatile

2. .Another benefit with a well-made topper is that it never warps. Most of these products in the market would immediately bend once they reach a moderate level of heat. You have to carefully use it and remove the topper instantly when it warps.

Grill toppers

To solve this issue, Unicook offers a topper that will never warp even when it contacts the flame directly. You save more efforts, and money meanwhile you can have more fun with your friends out there. Nothing is stopping you to have an excellent time when a great topper is here to assist your grilling.

3. Last but not least, the material it is made of provides advantages as well. A superior topper is made of 100% food grade durable stainless steel. No chemicals will ever be released when the product is heated. Such an advantage will protect you and your family from all aspects.

Professional manufacturer never ignores details, including the sides of their grilling toppers. High-quality stainless steel should be the only materials used to made of this product as it guarantees a long-term uniformity. However, be very cautious when you finished using it and taking it out of the grilling machine. I made a huge mistake once and I tried took out the topper without wearing a heat resistant glove. That was the worst idea! Don’t be me and wear gloves.

Let’s enjoy!

Want to have a grilling party soon? Well, try out the Unicook’s BBQ grill topper, and I am sure you will love it. By the way, a smaller tip for grilling vegetables by using a topper from me: wrapping them with foil and add seasonings you like, then put it on the topper. You will thank me later. The convenience and accessibility it brings to you are significant, and it spares you more time to enjoy all the sunshine and chit-chat with your friends.

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