What You Need to Know After You Sustain an Injury in a Car Accident

Auto accidents are sudden, and claim many lives. Any mistake after an accident can complicate the process by making the injury worse. An accident injury doctor is helpful, and can be exactly what you need after a nasty collision. Following the advice below will greatly increase your odds of getting past a life-threatening injury.

Calm Down

After an accident, your mind will go in a million different directions. The heightened level of excitement you feel is the adrenaline and endorphins rushing through your system. The good part about this is that it does a good job of numbing excruciating pain. The bad part is you probably won’t realize how impactful your injury is until you calm down. Always assume an injury is worse than it is after an accident so that you don’t make it worse.

Ensure The Safety Of Others

That same rush going through your system is also affecting the other people in the car. Make sure that everyone around you is okay. There is a good chance that you have a better visual angle than the other person. While they are in shock, it’s up to you to point out anything that looks life threatening. Our guidance while others are injured is important and can keep everyone calm.

Check All Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are the easiest to identify after a car accident. Tendons, ligaments and muscles fall into the soft tissue category. Broken bones are harder to figure out and can be mistaken for bruises, sprains or cracks. Other important things to look out for are any bloody areas. Take care not to lose too much blood or you risk passing out. If the wound won’t stop bleeding, place pressure on it with a cloth until help arrives.

If Moving Hurts, Then Stop

Concussions will leave you dazed and confused. It is impossible to walk straight after an accident if you have a major concussion. Since your thinking is clouded, you may also make other injuries (or those around you) worse. Nausea, blurry vision, headaches and dizziness are all symptoms of a concussion. The only way to truly diagnose the seriousness of the condition is by seeing a doctor.

Pain And Discomfort

Any type of pain and discomfort is a sign that you should not move that part of your body. Therefore, many people recommend seeing a doctor immediacy after a car accident. There are people that have felt fine for a week only to collapse later from internal injuries. Pay close attention to any changes in your sleep, body or bathroom patterns, even after seeing a doctor. It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Wrap Up

What you do after a car accident will change your life. Injuries have a way of staying around when you don’t treat them correctly. Don’t get stuck in the position of wondering if you could have done something different. Deal with the present the right way so that it doesn’t mess with your future.

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