7 Reasons You Should Be Tempted to Include a Spa in Your Bathroom

Quality spas are hard to come by for bathrooms in your home, but when you do see one, you’ve got to have it!

It’s so tempting to immediately buy a beautiful spa or steam generator like the ones here when you come across them, and I’m not here to stop you. I’m here to provide you with relieving knowledge about your tempting purchase. Here are 7 reasons why you should feel tempted to include a spa in your bathroom:

1: Heart Benefits

Health is a priority for everyone, as it should be. So when you’re considering adding a bath spa to your bathroom, remember that spas actually provide plenty of health benefits.

One benefit of the spa is it can actually improve your cardiovascular health. Immersing yourself in neck-high water gives your body a cardiac workout. This may sound unusual, but it’s true! And science can explain it: when you’re immersed in the water, it begins to put more pressure on your body and increases your cardiac volume. This increase in cardiac volume forces your heart to work harder, essentially giving your heart a workout.

2: Get Better Sleep

Another health benefit provided by a spa is it helps you get to sleep easier. Taking a nice, hot spa bath before you go to bed will help you fall asleep because hot water promotes relaxation. The relaxation is caused by the heat raising your internal body temperature and relaxing your muscles. Your increased body temperature and relaxed muscles put you in an ideal pre-sleep state. Of course, don’t fall asleep in the bath!

Also, the warm water from the spa can help relieve any aches and pains you’ve developed over the course of the day. This also helps you fall asleep because you won’t have as many nagging aches keeping you awake while you try to get to sleep.

3: Reduce Stress

With increased relaxation of body and muscles, comes increased relaxation of the mind. Spas can help reduce your levels of stress by gently washing away your worries as you fall into a deep, relaxed state. Reducing your stress has a positive impact on your well being, and also your physical and mental states.

4: A Great Way to Clean

You might say, “Duh, of course a spa cleans your body.” And that’d be fair for you to say.

However, the heat from the water in the spa helps open your pores to allow for a deeper clean. The more your pores open, the better the chance water can wash away dirt and toxins that dig deeper into your skin. Taking a nice rinse in your spa with soap and shampoo can potentially lead to clearer skin and will definitely result in a more refreshed feeling.

5: A Nice Investment

Spas don’t only provide physical benefits for you; they also offer you some financial benefits as well. Adding a nice, high-quality spa to your home’s bathroom can elevate the bathroom to another level.

Having a desirable bathroom makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. By creating a more attractive bathroom with a new spa, you’ve already made an investment that’s increased the price of your home if you ever plan to sell it.

6: Ditch the Outdoor Elements

Introducing a spa to your bathroom allows you to experience all the relaxing benefits of an outdoor hot tub, without having to be outside.

You’ve likely wanted to be able to take a relaxing dip in your hot tub but decided not to because it’s rainy or too hot. Bathroom spas provide the benefit of staying indoors to indulge in relaxation.

7: Versatility

Spas are versatile in many different ways. They come in different shapes and sizes to conveniently fit any nook in your bathroom. If you only have room for a spa in the corner of your bathroom, you can buy a corner spa. If you’re not worried as much about saving space, you’re able to choose from square, oval, and rectangular spas to find the perfect look for your bathroom.

Spas in your bathroom also offer versatility because you can use them to clean, to simply relax, or both! Whatever your preference, you’re able to take advantage of health benefits, financial benefits, convenience, and versatility when you decide to add a spa to your home’s bathroom. It’s easy to become tempted when thinking about adding a spa to your home, and it’s no wonder why. It’s difficult to find any reason not to get one.

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