Creative ways to market your business

When in business for many years your marketing campaign can fall into a rut and all your strategies can hit a plateau. The moment you stop seeing results is the moment you have to look for new ways to promote your company. Yes, it is frustrating to see that all your efforts have no results, but do not worry there are tons of ideas that wait for you to explore them. You only have to be open to new suggestions and think outside the box.

That being said, you need to find those ideas few companies use and rock them. Don’t worry we are here to help you.

Giveaways opportunities and contests

Sometimes, a marketing event is more effective than a marketing campaign because it can help you stand out on the market and create a memorable impression. Giveaways opportunities and contests are one of the best tricks to attract attention to your brand. People love winning things and if you start running events regularly, you will maintain a close connection with your audience.

The purpose of the contests and giveaways is to convert participants into clients and this may take longer than a single event. You should not focus on the thing you will offer as a prize but on the strategy, you use to draw attention towards your event. For example, you can set a condition for entering the contest, the participants should like your Facebook page or existing customers should recommend your products to a friend.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the event is to create engagement. The main two reasons why this type of events fails is that the prospective participants are asked to do too much in order to qualify for entering the contest or the prize offered does not align with the values of the target public.

Focus your marketing efforts on Facebook

You may say that you have already done it. Well, we do not mean you to start a Facebook page and to share content from time to time. We are suggesting you to be more active and to engage people with the help of social media.

Organise a photo contest

One effective way to boost your engagement is to run a photo contest on social media. Not only that will engage your followers actively, but will also offer content you can later use for other marketing purposes.

You should ask your followers to take pictures using your products and the best photo will win a prize. The photo with the greatest number of “likes” will be declared the winner. As a prize, you can offer them free products for a determined period, or you can offer them a vacation in an exotic place, people just love vacations.

If you want to generate a greater impact, you should take the contest a step further and offer gifts to the participants who impressed with their creativity. Select another 10 or 20 unique pictures and send the participants gifts. You can send them flowers, chocolate boxes, wine wrapped in bottle bags or free products.        

Create a comic

You can use your Facebook page to share with your followers episodes of a story, and even if you may find it hard to believe people still read comics nowadays. Thank you Marvel! With the help of a comic, you can introduce your brand to the world in a unique way. Comics promote your brand in a memorable way, and if you establish a day when you share a new number, you can make sure that your followers will visit your page to check it.

However, before starting a comic campaign you should make sure that this strategy is suitable for your niche because in order for it to be successful it has to resonate with your public.

Find ways to interact with your public

If the old marketing strategy does not offer you, the results you want then you should start interacting with your audience. You need to find out what people really think about your brand and what they expect from it to offer.

Collaborate with a charity

If there is a thing, consumers love that is socially conscious brands. Forbes states that around 90% of consumers would switch the brands they are buying from to other ones if the last ones would support a cause. This is the strategy, you are looking for to give you that boost in reaching new clients.

If you want to take this a step further, you can create a poll on social media and ask your followers to vote the charities they would want you to support.

Start being controversial

Do you want to have people talking about you? You need some courage to do it but if you get involved in a hot subject, it can help your brand get the publicity it needs. Be the Vanilla version of the Coca Cola, if you do not take some risks you would never know if you could gain or not.

For example, if you are selling organic products you can partner with a vegan influencer to promote your products. Vegans are still considered hipsters, and from here comes the controversy but the advantage of working with an influencer is that they have followers that can be converted into clients. If this is not an idea, you like, you can do it your own way. Check the market to find out what pieces of news disrupt it and pick a side. It will definitely create some buzz around your brand and it will offer you exactly the results you want, brand engagement.

Create video content

You can say that we have saved the best for the last. Everyone is excited about the evolution of video, and businesses have started to include it in their marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience. You can establish a connection with your clients if you create personalised video. You can use them to address to your clients. Some people do not like to read content while others do not have time to do it. They would rather prefer to learn through visuals and audios.

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