Golf Gloves Account For Better Grips And Fewer Blisters

In the eyes of most, golf is a sport that comes with paraphernalia which people may not easily understand. There are the usual golf shirts, caps and even the gloves. So does a golfer, regardless if he is starting or not, really need all these things?

Each of the things mentioned above is common stuff a golfer would need. Caps obviously help protect the eyes and face of a golfer while gloves account for a better hold on the golf club and prevent blisters. Do take note that in golf, there is normally just one in use. The glove is normally worn on the lead hand, the one at the top of the grip.

Hence, a right-handed player normally wears the glove on the left hand and vice versa. Gloves are used to help create more friction between the grip and the gloved hand, preventing the club from turning in a player’s hand. Ideally, gloves come in handy for players who have loose grips. Also, they do come in handy in certain weather conditions, mainly to help improve one’s grip and shot.

After thoroughly explaining its use, the next agenda for a player is to search for the most awesome golf gloves in the market. The first thing to do is identify which hand the glove would be for. After that, finding the right size and the desired design fit to help one’s game.

Normally, there are cadet and regular sizes for golfers to check out. The former has shorter and wider fingers, something that should perfectly fit a golfers hand. Assuming that is covered, golf gloves also come in different materials. They usually come in leather and synthetic leather,  the former of which is more expensive. The price gets cheaper for gloves making use of more synthetic and, in some cases, make use of an increasing amount of elastic or mesh.

There are also gloves designed to withstand any kind of weather. They are all-weather gloves, coming in different types. For example, there is the rain glove (obviously for use during wet and rainy conditions) and the winter glove,  a thicker glove that keeps hands warm. This comes in handy for the colder months when people still want to play some rounds of golf.

As one can see, choosing the right kind of glove will be tricky and dependent on one’s budget and taste. The fashion side of things cannot be discounted although it would be wise to focus on the functional aspect above anything else.

Like for any equipment, there are certain glove care tips and reminders that may come in handy for any golfer:

1. After using them in around, it would be best to let it air out for a while and dry off.

2. To prevent the glove from getting wet, take them off between shots to keep them drier.

3. If budget permits, it may be best to have two or more gloves in tow. Depending on how long or serious a golfer is, this may be a good idea – especially for the ones taking it up competitively.

4. When not in use, place your golf glove in a zip-lock bag. This helps maintain the glove and last longer.

To recap, golf gloves do have a purpose and it is not plainly to look fashionable or as a pro. The grip is important when one is about to attempt a swing. And while golf clubs do have rubber handles, it remains that the bare hand could eventually lose control of their grip and send that club flying somewhere.

There are some pro golfers who don’t wear gloves but do make sure that the grips are good. They do have other approaches to it. But for the ones who are starting out and planning to take it seriously, getting a golf glove is one of the best investments one can consider.

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