Chris Young is living his dream while creating an ‘Endless Nightmare’ as Midnight Danger

Some of Chris Young’s earliest memories involve music. Growing up in the city of Campinas in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, he was influenced by his father’s taste in music, listening to 80s rock and pop tunes. It didn’t take long for Young to want to follow in the footsteps of those musicians he idolized, and started learning the keyboard. It was in the late 90s, however, when Young discovered the world of heavier music, starting with punk rock, then later on heavy metal and hard rock, especially 80s hard rock and glam metal. This was when his interest and passion for music escalated to another level. He picked up an electric guitar, and he knew he had found his niche.

“When I got into glam metal, I was blown away with the music combined with extremely over the top looks. Those rockstars looked like superheroes to me, I used to imagine myself in their place and I always felt powerful! I wanted to do something like that, I wanted to do something epic and make people feel how I was feeling at that moment. I saw how the fans loved those ‘superheroes’ and their work, and I wanted to have a job that would arouse that feeling in people,” said Young.

Now, Young is an internationally sought-after musician and founding member of the popular synthwave project Midnight Danger. He was inspired to create Midnight Danger by the new wave of synth music. It is a nostalgic soundtrack experience full of synthesisers and guitar riffs, delivering lots of power, punch and retro vibes. After successfully releasing a few singles and being handpicked by the leading label NRW Records/NewRetroWave – to be part of the “Magnatron 2.0” album, Midnight Danger played his debut gig in Stockholm supporting Californian duo Dance With The Dead which was immediately sold out. Young has performed many times since the release of his first album back in 2018, getting to do what he loves in front of audiences all over the world.

Fans of Midnight Danger were recently delighted to hear their newest album, released August 2020. Titled “Chapter 2: Endless Nightmare”, the album is a sequel to the first album “Malignant Force”. The new album is the pure essence of Midnight Danger. It is a sequel to the Malignant Force story and like most sequels, it is much more intense. Powerful guitar riffs, nostalgic synth melodies, dark atmosphere with a thrilling buildup on the tracklist order. The album makes many references to 80s horror, but just like 80s horror movies, it has some fun and chill moments. 

“It was a very natural choice to me that the second album would be a sequel to the first, I had

the background story ready in my mind. The sequel gets darker and more intense, so I

thought, ‘What could be more evil than a Malignant Force? How can I show on the sequel

that the Malignant Force is not gone?’ then I figured, ‘alright, this is an Endless Nightmare’

and thought this would be the perfect title for the sequel,” Young described.

Admirers all over the world were able to enjoy the first single earlier this month, “The Eyes of Darkness”, which was released on streaming platforms on August 10h, 2020, and has amassed tens of thousands of views on YouTube.  It is a powerful and energetic song that works great as the opening track for both the album and live performances. 

The second single “Back from the Dead” was released August 17th, 2020, and was an instant hit just like the first. The third single and title track “Endless Nightmare”, along with its music video, was released on August 21st, 2020, the same day the album dropped. The music video is made for retro horror lovers and will introduce the drummer Scary Dee to the audience. It is kind of a horror short movie inside the universe of “Malignant Force.”

“Midnight Danger is a solo project, but in this new era, the live shows will count with the

character Scary Dee on drums. He was introduced officially on Midnight Danger’s

Facebook page on August 12th, and he is already performing on the music video. It will be an amazing intro for fans to see Midnight Danger with a drummer for the first time,” said Young.

Synthwave fans are in for a great month. “Chapter 2: Endless Nightmare” was available for preorder beginning August 10th on Google Play and iTunes, and on the label’s Bandcamp page. There you can buy the digital album and you can also buy it on vinyl, CD, cassette, and minidisc. The album was finally out on August 21st on all digital stores and the music video was released on the label’s YouTube channel.

Click to listen to the album “Chapter 2: Endless Nightmare” in full

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