Applications and Various Types of Back Braces

     Applications and Various Types of Back Braces


Back braces are used for medical purpose as it slows down the spine’s movement if your body gets fractured. In the case of post-operative fusion, a back brace used. We can also use it for preventative measures to reduce the risk of fracture or bone fusion in the future. Back braces not only recover bone but also found useful in reducing pain. Best back braces are those that reduce the pain. Various types of back braces are available in the market. Most of the back braces lessen back pain by reducing spine movement and creating pressure on the front and rear side of the body. 

Some Best Back Braces:

Brace up:

Brace up is the most sold product of braces in the market, and it is considered the best back brace. It has a unique capability of lifting, and to perform the exercise while wearing it. It can be used daily. It provides enough compression to keep your body erect. It is so comfortable that you can easily breathe and it keeps you fresh. Bone discs can be corrected by using it daily. The two straps make it more comfortable. It grasps your whole upper section of the body.


•    It can be appropriately adjusted, and it provides low firmness to the body.

•    It contains mesh panels that allow you to respire properly.

•    Several other features exist that support your body.

•    It includes three various sizes and makes you confuse while selection.


•    It is often difficult to choose a suitable size.


Mueller 225 is a very famous brand of back braces. It can handle relief pain efficiently and also gives support and provides pressure to the body. The lumbar pad is found to cover the back. It lessens the pain usually in the pelvic area. The steel strips are present in the middle to provide back support and keep the straight body position. The brace is made of plastic material and makes you able to sit, walk, and move quickly.


•    It is available at low prices in the market.

•    The lumber pads are not fixed and can be removed when needed.

•    Gives protection to the body while doing hard moving activities.

•    If your back is injured, it is found to be effective in releasing pain.


•    It is often difficult to choose a suitable brace of the same size as the size of your body.

•    It is usually heavy because of its enormous weight.

Basic Types of back Braces:

The two types of the back brace are categorized based on physical appearance that would be hard and soft.

1-    Hardback Braces:

Hard braces can limit the motion of the spine up to 50%. It is made of plastic and can fit tightly. Further types of hard braces are:

•    Williams back brace:

It has no vertical strips so you can bend properly in any direction.

•    Chair back Brace:

It stops the motion of the lower spine by attachment with the lumbar spine. 

•    Raney Flexion Jacket:

It grasps the lumber pine and limits its movement.

2-    Soft Back braces:

Soft braces are soft and can only stop the onward movement of the spine. It aids in the fusion of spines and provides support to the needles. During stress conditions, it also gives protection to the spine. For example, if you have to lift the heavy load or to do any other hard job.

Other Types Of back brace:

Trochanteric belt: 

This type of back brace is used to stabilize the fractured hip bones. The strap is present that wraps around the back and covers the pelvic region of your body. The size of the belt measured about six to nine centimetres or more. It resembles the strap having a buckle at the front.

Lumbosacral Belt:

The lumbosacral belt used for the treatment of fractures in the back region of the body. The lower back region that is the pelvic region can be corrected by wearing lumbosacral belts. Cotton is used in the formation of such belts.  Along with the cotton light mass stays are also used. The laces are found for the pressure adjustment, and these laces wrapped about the back. The size of lumbosacral belts is between twenty to thirty centimetre, which is enough to cover the whole body. It works by limiting the motion between pelvic and sacrum region and hence forced a pulling pressure on spines.


Corset creates misunderstanding in some people because they thought that it would be that belt which the older women use to reduce their weight by reducing the size of the waist. People believed that it might not treat the back problem. But all of these worries proved to be false because corset back brace provides reliable support to the back. The size of a corset is variable, but the maximum length of back brace reaches to the pelvic region, and shoulder strips found for its support. It may cover you from the front and back. Other than fractures, it can also be used to treat back pain. 

Hyperextension braces:

Hyperextension braces can reduce abnormal movements. The front areas of the body can be excessively compressed; hyperextension braces are used to reduce its compression. The spines after surgery can be fused using hyperextension braces. The thoracic vertebrae get pressurized by a reduction in spine movement. The frame of hyperextension braces also pressurized other parts of the body like breast bone and upper portion of the sternum. Three pads are present to create pressure on different body parts; these are chest pad, belly pad and a back pad.

Moulded Jacket:

Moulded jacket resemble jacket and covers a large body area and puts pressure on these areas to treat fractures or pain. The spine extends from the neck to the hip can be limited by moulded jackets. It puts pressure equally to all body parts. First, it made from plaster. But now it is made of plastic.

Lifting Belt:

The lower back problem either it is a pain or fracture in pelvic can be corrected by lifting belt. It covers your whole back along with the lumbar region and completely covers the front part. The lifting belts manufactured from canvas and cotton. 

Applications of Back Braces:

Back brace for scoliosis:

Scoliosis is an abnormal condition that can be treated by back braces reviews. In this disease, the bone may curve to unusual angles, and back braces are used here to stop the normal curvature of the bones. SOSORT has recommended braces to treat scoliosis, but they also claim that back braces cannot be used to treat people of all the ages. Several studies proved that back brace is useful to limit the spine motion. back braces for lower back pain Gadget are available in different designs and brands in Boston brace and Milwaukee brace are the most famous and reliable brands of braces. 

Boston Brace:  

Boston Brace used in the US. It has small pads that help to push the curve of bone.  An important feature is that it is a regular brace. Pads are placed near to the ribs or are attached to it. Pads also help to restore the rotational motion of the bones. The pads positioned to the back of the brace, and the position of the body will be straight. Boston brace is not applicable for high curvature bones. A hip fracture cannot corrected by Boston brace.

Charleston bending brace

This type of brace is used at night to get its better results. Charleston brace is asymmetric type brace. The pair corrects the curvature of the bone visibly. This type treats hip curvature of the brace. It grasps the hip and takes it to some height, and it also pushes the body to another side. This back brace cannot be used for adult’s treatment of bone curvature, but it recommends for thirteen to the fourteen-year child.

Crass Chateau Brass:

It is a new brand and of asymmetric type. The material used for its production is hypoallergenic polypropylene. This back brace has a width of 2-3mm. It is not wholly transparent but slightly transparent when used for treatment on the patient’s physique. Laser scanner and plaster techniques then used. It maintains the standing position of the authority. You can wear it for twelve to sixteen hour a day. It limits the spines movement and restores the rotational and bending postures.

Flexpine Brace:

Flexpine brace is between the hard and soft type of brace. It mostly used for such patients who have a recent surgery of scoliosis. Its thickness varies but mostly available at 4mm thickness. The material is plastic, usually used for its construction. You can move freely after wearing it as it has a plastic frame that can fold in any direction. The curved part pushed by a printing material found in it.

Milwaukee Brace:

This type of back brace is used in the United States, mostly. This regular brace has metal strips and binds to hip. The collar is another part which lies between the hip and the chin after wearing it. It works more efficiently than Boston back braces. The curves that cannot be reformed by Boston braces, these braces can efficiently correct it. Milwaukee back brace is used for the treatment of high curved bones. You can wear it for up to 22 to 24 hours. It is comfortable enough to handle.

Spenser Brace:

Spenser Back brace can wrap your body by their rigid elastic bands, creating a pulled force against the curved part of the body. Spenser is not cannot works to treat high curves, but the small or low curves can process more efficiently. The young people can wear it and gets benefit from it.  Spenser Back brace can be worn almost 20 hours a day. Once you wear it, you cannot remove it for three hours. After two to three hours you are allowed to remove back braces. This back brace is so comfortable that while wearing it, you can do exercise, play games or do hard jobs easily. It can align the bones properly and can be used to reduce the spine movement. This brace is the best option for adults or old age people as it is more comfortable than all.

Sports Brace:

Sports Brace is the hard type back brace. It is symmetric and allows the patient to move in any direction. While the playing game body needs to move freely in several directions. This brace does not support the free movement of body joints. It allows the Hinge and rotational movements of bones. Aluminium rods found in it with a frame made of plastic. This brace aligns the hip bones wrong direction. Thick pads are found in it that creates pushing force to stops spines motion. The curves in the thoracic cavity either they are small or large can be treated by it competently. These features make it comfortable, and the sports patients can wear it while playing with any fear of damage to bones or any other body part. You can wear sport back brace 22 hours a day, and you are not allowed to wear out the pair for two hours.


Back braces are the half body covering device that gives relief from back pain and also corrects the fractured bones. It has different parts, including strips and uprights, which keeps the body straight. Back braces are available in various types and style. All the back braces are found comfortable and useful in releasing pain in the pelvic region .they work by applying pressure on the lumber and other areas of the body by limiting the spinal cord movement in this way the fracture bones come close to each other and get the fuse. There are two types back braces first one is soft braces and the second one is rigid. Both of these braces have unique features and are profitable depending upon the type of fracture. Other then back braces, neck braces are also available in the market at the reasonable price range. Back braces allow you to move while doing exercise or playing stabilize your body too.

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