Are There Women Who Regret Getting Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation

The answer must be “Yes” of course, but how do they feel afterward and why? To avoid any future regerets we have put together a fool proof plan (well, almost).

Breast augmentation or ‘going under the knife’ can be necessitated by various flaws (real or imagined) in a woman’s body perception.

The causes of flaws differ from one woman to another. While some women are born with breast flaws, some of the flaws are as a result of old age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or post weight loss effects. Some are handed down to them through social media and TV shows.

Mommy specific problems

Women who are breastfeeding often result in breasts sagging. To make matters worse, one breast may sag more than the other, especially if you have a habit of breastfeeding your little ones with mainly one breast.

Many women admit that living with body flaws is never easy. Most women have tried various ways of coping with their body flaws, for example, using padded bras before finally going under the knife.

What flaws?

If your breasts are too big or too small, or they are not shapely, they may affect your self-esteem. Some women have breasts that are not proportional to other parts of the body. Too small or too large.

Ordinary women and celebrities alike try to correct their flaws using plastic surgery.

Before scheduling an appointment with a plastic surgeon, it is essential to know the pros and cons of breast augmentation.

Why don’t men have these problems?

Well quite a few do, but there problem, lies with ‘reduction’ rather than augmentation.

Gynecomastia or manboobs, or moobs if you will affects many many men and is a real problem as they are teased to high heaven.

Factors to consider when deciding on breast augmentation

Picking the right shape and size of implants

Although it is never a perfect ride for any woman, most breast implants improve the woman’s overall appearance. Implants come in various shapes and sizes. It is, therefore, very critical to work with your surgeon to pick the right size and shape of the implant. If you want the implants to look natural, you have to consider which material the implant is manufactured from and where the implants are positioned in the breast.

Silicone or saline?

Silicone implants are softer to the touch and more natural looking than saline implants. Implants that are placed under the chest muscles also usually appear more natural.

Some of the women who regret having breast implants may not have been keen to pick the right shape and size of implants to ensure that their overall body looks will be enhanced.

How Much Should a Breast Implant Cost?

Another factor is the costs of doing a breast augmentation, which is considerably high.

The final cost is determined by various factors, including the type of implant you will choose, the cost of anesthesia and any medications and medical attention you will receive after the surgery. Some times the cost may go beyond the estimated budget necessitating some women to dig deeper into their pockets.

What If an Implant Ruptures?

It is very rare for implants to rupture, but they do rapture. When saline implants rupture, it is usually noticeable immediately because the breast loses its shape as the saline is absorbed into the body. However, silicone implants are filled with gel, and a rupture may not be noticed easily.

The Costs of Changing or Removing Implants

Although implants are not permanent, they last many years. Doctors advise having them replaced after about 8 to 10 years. On the other hand, you may get tired of the implant before the period of 8 years elapses. Or they may rapture necessitating removing or changing the implants. Removing an implant requires surgery. And if you are replacing them, then it will require two surgeries, first to have the implants removed, then an additional operation of replacing them.

Remember that breast implants require surgery and as such, the doctor has to evaluate your health because all surgeries carry some risk in them. In this regard, if you are a smoker or you have a medical condition, your surgeon may not be willing to let you have breast augmentation. Other risks associated with surgery include getting infections, or over bleeding.

For a celebrity breast augmentation plastic surgeon in Manhattan schedule an appointment with an expert. And if you are not ready for another implant, you can opt for a breast uplift.


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