Bring Magic To The Office With These Unicorn Holiday Gifts


We all have that coworker who has that their favorite things, and the best coworkers’ favorite things are unicorns. These gentle creatures bring magic to the workplace, and they unicorn lovers are always the type of people who deserve a gift. This is why you should consider some of these sparkle-filled gifts this upcoming holiday season.

Unicorn Popcorn

Unicorns are sweet and so are unicorn lovers. They also tend to “pop” with personality just like this delicious and fun popcorn. The popcorn comes in a glittery and colorful variety with them shaped just like a unicorn horn. Unicorn lovers may enjoy galloping around the workplace with their horn, but the true unicorn lover is going to want to graze on Popcornopolis Unicorn Popcorn.

Sheer Unicorn Socks

We all know that the true unicorn lover keeps their love of unicorns on their feet, and they love to show off their cute socks around the workplace. These super cute unicorn socks feature an adorable little unicorn cartoon with the most adorable horn. The socks have sheer panels meant to accentuate the unicorn in a unique and fanciful way.

Purple Darling Unicorn Flats

Unicorns love their hoofs, and your workplace unicorn is going to love putting on these darling unicorn flats. These flats have candy purple cover that is sure to match your friend’s other unicorn accessories.

The fronts of the flats have two cute faces on them. One face is for the unicorn with its adorable ears and nose that poke above the trim of the shoe. The unicorn’s nose also has an adorable little smiley face on it. The inside of the ballet slippers say “cute to the core”. This is just so you can tell your friend what you think of them.

Unicorn Notebook

When you have a friend who loves unicorns, it is safe to assume that they also have a massive collection of cute notebooks. This notebook is the perfect gift any unicorn lover with it sure to end up on their desk. The note books features a simple declaration that they are both awesome and a unicorn with the two features being very much related.

Unicorn Horn Headband

A unicorn without a horn is just a horse that is amazing, beautiful, and magical. This means that you should give your workmate a horn of their own. This horn features the right spiral and colors to really show off around the workplace. The headband comes with an elasticated band so they can properly fix it to their head for the entire workday.

Unicorn Cereal Bowl

Cereal is a workplace staple with it being the preferred afternoon snack of the most amazing people on the planet. This is why a unicorn shaped bowl is the perfect gift for the cereal loving unicorn enthusiast. This cereal bowl features stubby little feet, a squat horn, and adorable little eyes.

Unicorn Sign

This little desk placard looks like most other desk ornaments. However, this one’s is about unicorns. It proudly declares one’s desire to be unicorn in a witty way that derives its humor from a popular meme. This desk sign is the perfect size at just 3.5″ by 3.5″.

Unicorn Water Bottle

This unicorn water bottle is a useful unicorn gift with it being something that your friend can use all the time. The water bottle declares “100% Unicorn Tears” in white lettering against a tasteful pink background. The water bottle is very functional with it being able to keep hot liquids hot for twelve hours. It can keep cold liquids cold for twenty-four hours so your friends’s drink can be as cool or hot as them.

Unicorn Tribe Relaxed T-Shirt

This relaxed t-shirt is probably one of the best casual pieces of work wear ever made. The t-shirt proudly declares the wearer to be part of the “Unicorn Tribe”. This makes it a great t-shirt to give in pair for a little bit of workplace bonding. The t-shirt is as soft as a unicorn with it being a great cut for lounging.

Unicorn Band-Aids

These band aids are a wonderful gift for the friend who is a little bit clumsy, or for that office mate who loves to be the office healer. These band aids are just like normal band aids but they have the healing powers of unicorns. That means they can bring back smiles after an accident.

These are only of some of the many unicorn gifts that you can get for your friend this holiday season. However, no matter what you pick, your office mate is going to be happy when you prance over with your unicorn gift this holiday season.

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