Elvis Dzebic Reveals Basic Tips to Be Applied to All Forms of Photography

If you want to be a photographer, be that professional or just for enjoyment, it is important that you know what you are doing. Thanks to digital cameras, you can experiment as much as you want until you figure out how things really work. However, this is very time consuming. It is easier, therefore, to listen to tips provided by professional photographers like Elvis Dzebic. So what are some of his top tips in particular.

Elvis Dzebic Top Tip: Develop Visual Literacy

First of all, you have to learn to see instead of to look. Think about the message of a picture before taking the shot. Every photograph is an interpretation of a world as seen through the eyes of the photographer – you. You must make sure, therefore, that the 2D representation you are creating is relevant to what you see.

Visual Appeal and Impact

The second important element is to make sure that the image is appealing and has a visual impact. How this functions is different, as what is appealing for one person may be repealing for someone else. However, visual impact is universal. Consider, for instance, Damien Hirst, who sawed a cow in half and called it art. Love it or hate it, everybody knows it.

Composition Matters

Next, it is all about composition. This starts by determining the subject of the image and through which point of view it should be shown. It is tempting to take pictures at eye level, but there are many other points of view to try as well. Do also make sure, as part of your composition, that the subject is compatible with the background.

The Frame

Next, you need to consider your picture’s frame. The viewfinder will frame the image as it will look once printed. Check this from edge to edge and question what will be cut out. Zoom in or out and step to the side if need be in order to have a more beautiful frame.

These are the key elements to be aware of when taking a good picture. This makes sense. You need to have a main subject, which is what you want to photograph. There is no point taking a picture of a banana, for instance, that is hidden behind a wealth of other things, unless you make it very clear that this is symbolic of human oppression or something along those lines. However, you should also learn to develop your personal style. Sticking with the banana example, you may want it right in the center where it is highly visible. On the other hand, you may want your viewer to go on a visual journey, meaning the banana will be hidden somewhere else. Or, if you’re someone like Damien Hirst, the banana will be traveling through the digestive system. What you have to do is find your own style. There is only one Damien Hirst, and while you may be inspired by him, you can’t copy him.

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