5 Top Weight Loss Gadgets

The days when the only way to know your healthier life choices were paying off was to wait and see the results after a few weeks are long gone. Today, you can get instant feedback on the effectiveness of your workouts and your diet. “Whether you have joined a weight loss program like Nutrisystem or you are losing weight on your own, there is a plethora of gadgets that can help you keep tabs on how hard you work out and what you eat”, says Mark of Lodlois, a site that offers an opinion on weight loss gadgets and Nutrisystem coupons.

And to what do we owe the pleasure of this incredible level of convenience? Fitness gadgets. Granted, health gadgets make up a very broad category of technological products. Our focus for today will be fitness technology that helps you lose weight, or weight loss gadgets if you prefer.

5 Top Weight Loss Gadgets

1. Gruve (An Exercise Reminder)

However you look at it, losing weight boils down to being able to put in the effort to lead a more active lifestyle. Diet does play a role, but it still does not rule out the need to have an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, in this regard, people end up with all sorts of delusions about how active they really are.

To set everything straight, you will need something like Gruve, an exercise reminder that will tell you whether you have been active enough throughout the day. Gruve is a simple clip-on pedometer.

But what really makes it great is that it tracks sedentary activity and provides reminders so that you don’t get too comfortable and pass up on important chances to lose extra calories. Besides the light notifications, this exercise reminder will even vibrate to get your attention if you go through periods of too much inactivity.


2. Samsung Galaxy S7

Sometimes the weight loss gadget you need is already in your hand. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one such piece of technology. This smartphone can monitor your movements and other forms of physical activity. It also happens to be water resistant, which means you don’t have to worry about sweat ruining it as you work out.


3. Fitbit Aria Smart Scale

When your primary goal is to lose weight, there is no reason you should not spring for a Fitbit Aria smart scale. Although a little pricier, this scale can track your BMI, weight, lean mass, and even body fat. The way this smart scale is designed is also quite impressive – you will love having it in your house.

Up to 8 people can use this scale to track their weight loss journeys. The scale can generate charts, graphs, and sync this info to your phone or computer. This hard data is what tells you whether what you are doing to lose weight is working or not.


4. Sony Smartwatch 3

As portable as mobile phones are, they are still too bulky and inconvenient to use with some weight loss workouts. That is why for this brief moment, a smartwatch can take over because it is light and can do all the essentials you would need your phone to deliver under such circumstances.

Of particular note is the Sony Smartwatch 3, which has GPS to help you track your movement, before syncing this information to your phone. This particular smartwatch has the Sony Lifelong feature that will track your workouts on stairs, tracks and even tell you how many calories your exercise has helped you lose.

Furthermore, this smartwatch will make sure you don’t miss any important messages coming to your phone when it is not within reach. You will know when you are getting a call, a text message, and so forth through this Sony smartwatch.


5. HydraCoach Smart Bottle

How about that? Even something as simple as a water bottle can hold within it the technological might to help you lose weight faster. Nothing demonstrates this better than HydraCoach smart bottle.

Most people assume that losing weight is all about eating right and working out. An often forgotten aspect is proper liquid intake. Think about it, downing the quantity of water your body needs for the day in a minute or so cannot be very healthy.

In case you are wondering what proper water consumption has to do with weight loss, here it is – water ups metabolism, and that means more calories are burnt by the body if you drink it in appropriate amounts. It also improves digestion and cleans up the body to rid it of toxins.

Besides, if picking up an extra potion of food is something you struggle with as you try to lose weight, then having water in proper amounts can help deal with some of these cravings and make sticking to your weight loss diet much easier.

That is why you need something high-tech like HydraCoach Smart bottle to tell you whether the volume and frequency of your water intake is right. This bottle will track your water intake throughout the day so that you see where you are going wrong.

Additionally, this bottle has an Android and an iOS app that makes it easier to follow what is going on with you during the day with regard to water intake. The best thing about this bottle is that it is not just meant for when you are sweating it out on the race track or in the gym, you can use it everywhere – even at home and in the office.

This article is a courtesy of Lodlois, a site that writes reviews of various products, from technology to weight loss, and offers an opinion of how certain weight loss programs work.

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