Five ways to add more protein to your diet for muscle building

People who are trying to build muscles need to add more protein to their diet. Protein is responsible for repairing your body’s tissues and helping them grow. 

According to the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI), the normal protein requirement for people older than 19 years of age is 0.8 grams of protein for each kilogram of body weight a day. Please note that this is not for people who are looking to build muscles fast.

If you are lifting weights and trying to gain, your protein intake needs to be a lot higher. Protein-rich diet makes it easier for your body to adapt to the challenge. Dietary supplements like pre or post workout supplements can make it easy to consumer enough protein. 

And here’s how to add more protein to your diet:

Switch to healthier snack options:

The majority of the grab and go snacks are easy to carry since they don’t need to be frozen or refrigerated. This is one of the major reasons people stack up carb-rich snacks including crackers, cookies, pretzels and granola bars for their road trips. To supply your body with more protein, you need to swap these snacks with healthier options. You can carry some nuts or protein bars in your pocket or keep them at your office or workplace.  

Add Variety:

Try to incorporate a variety of protein in your diet. If you have been eating chicken breast for some time, switch it with ham or bison. Derive protein from a variety of sources to get all essential amino acids. It will also give you some variety and add some taste. Every source of protein has a different amino acid profile. If you want to supply your body with an array of different muscle-building amino acids, try more options rather than sticking to just one.

Double it down:

To incorporate more protein in your diet, double down the protein serving in one or two of your meals. The human body can consume 25-100g of protein per serving. If you are short on your protein intake for the day, add an extra piece of chicken to lunch or dinner. You can even incorporate more egg whites to your breakfast to meet your body’s protein requirement. Level up your meal by mixing and matching protein sources. To maintain a positive nitrogen state, go with the classic surf and turf.

Add some seasoning:

Consuming the same protein foods every day can be boring. You can put back some life in your bland meals by adding your favorite condiments or seasoning. Try different options. You can add ketchup, low-fat dressing, BBQ sauce or mustard to your meal. Add a unique rush of flavors to the grilled chicken breast by adding some old fashion lemon juice. For calorie-containing condiments, keep your calorie goal for the day in mind.

Drink up your protein:

If you don’t feel like eating, you can always grab a protein shake to fulfill your protein requirement for the day. They make a quick and amazing source of low-fat protein. You don’t need to put a lot of effort into making one. All you need is to add to 2 scoops of protein and some water to the shaker bottle and here you have your ideal post-workout protein supply. 

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