5 Things You Need To Know About Social Security Disability Benefits

When most people start in the workforce they automatically think that they are going to be in the workforce until retirement age. This isn’t always the case. In fact, recent studies show that one out of four of today’s 20-years-olds will become disabled before the age of 67. Being able to work and support your family can be a truly troubling though, but luckily Social Security might be able to provide the relief that you need. That’s right Social Security isn’t just for retirees. There is a whole system in place that will pay disability benefits based on your work history.

There Are Two Forms Of SSDI

The first thing you need to know about Social Security insurance is that there are two forms. This first is SSDI, which will cover the lost income of any employee that is covered under Social Security when they become disabled. However, there is an additional form known as Supplemental Security Income or SSI. This form is actually based on financial need rather than income.

Who Can Apply For SSDI?

In order to be considered eligible for Social Security Disability, there are two certain criteria that must be met. First, you will have to held social security-covered employment for a certain amount of time. This time period is usually based on age. For instance, anyone that is disabled before they reach 28 years of age will have had to hold a Social Security-covered job for at least 1.5 years. Anyone that is disabled at the age of 60 years will be required to have held a similar job for at least 9.5 years. The second requirement is that you will have to be declared disabled. This means that you will have to suffer from some kind of medical condition that will keep you out of the workforce for a year or longer.

Your Family Can Apply For Benefits As Well

Just because you are the injured party it doesn’t mean that you are the only individual that can apply for benefits. In many cases, your family might be entitled to benefits as well. If you are at least 62 or older your spouse might be eligible for benefits. If your spouse cares for a child that is under 16 or disabled he or she might be able to receive benefits as well. If you have a child that is under 18 he or she might be able to apply for benefits.

There Is A Limit

Even if you have two or three family members that are entitled to benefits, you need to be aware of the fact that there is a limit as to the amount of SSDI that you can collect. With your own compensation, this amount usually ranges anywhere from 150% to 180% of your full Social Security retirement benefits.

You Can Get Medicare Early

Normally, one cannot apply for Medicare until they reach 65 years of age. However, this is not the case if you apply for SSDI. In most cases, individuals that are disabled will automatically start receiving Medicare coverage after receiving disability benefits for a period of two years.

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