Organizing an Outdoor Event: Tips for Crowd Management

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Anybody who has organized an outdoor event in the past will surely tell you that it is not an easy task. You need to find a suitable location that will fit the crowd. It is essential to come up with a contingency plan in case it rains. There is a need to provide the amenities that are needed, such as portable toilets. If it is surrounded by an area with foul smell, you will need to have odor control systems in place. Nonetheless, among the many facets that will require your attention, one of the most important would be crowd management. Keep on reading and learn from some of the insights we will be sharing.

Secure Entrances and Exits

It is important to have determined points of entry and exit. More so, these should be well-guarded, making sure that only those who are authorized will be allowed to access the venue. There should be security personnel assigned in these areas. This will also make sure that there won’t be anything unallowable that will get in the venue, such as drugs and firearms.

Make it Comfortable

Pay attention to the things that will make the venue more comfortable for the attendees. For instance, provide appropriate lighting if the event will be held at night. Installing fans will also help, especially when the event is on a hot day. If the fans are not enough, consider using misting cannons and spray bars, such as those from BossTek. They will be effective in cooling the crowd.

Create a Contingency Plan

There should always be a contingency plan for better crowd management in an outdoor event. A detailed plan of action is needed on what should be done in case of an emergency or an unfortunate situation, such as when it rains. Organizers should designate an exit route. It is also necessary to have people who will handle the emergency procedures.

Put Signage

This is especially important if the venue of the outdoor event is large. The signs will help direct the attendees on where they should be going. For instance, the entrance and the exit points should be clearly marked. There should also be signs that will point them to the restrooms, food stations, or smoking areas, among others. If the area is reserved for VIPs or staff, appropriate signs should be in place.

Install Barricades

This might seem like a simple thing to do, but it is actually one of the most effective when it comes to crowd control. Often in the form of metal fences or concrete barriers, the barricades will make people easily know the areas where they are not supposed to be going. See to it that the barricades are strong enough and won’t be easily overtaken by the crowd. Otherwise, they will end up being useless.

Take note of the things that have been mentioned above to properly manage the crowd on your next event! For sure, they will have a good time and will look forward to the next one you are organizing!

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