Why Are Dubia Roaches The Best Feed for Your Pet Reptile?

Reptiles are diverse creatures with varying characteristics, depending on their external appearance, habitats, atmospheric requirements, and dietary habits. While most reptiles consume insects and mollusks, none of these sources are adequate to fulfill the reptile’s nutritional requirements on their own. However, the same is not applicable to TopFlight Dubia Roaches.

Dubia roaches are an upcoming nutritional source and popular insects among reptile-owners. However, not many people know about the advantages of feeding and breeding dubia roaches at home. Here are some of the reasons why these roaches are the best feed for your pet reptile. 

High Nutritional Value

Dubia roaches are one of the few insects capable of providing overall nutrition to your pet reptile. They are rich in a variety of nutrients, including proteins, vitamins, calcium, and minerals. Moreover, they contain less fat and lignin content which is not the case with other insects. Hence, while other insects may have beneficial nutrients in higher quantities, these harmful substances can negatively impact your pet

Your pet reptile may usually require 10-12 crickets every day to receive all the dietary requirements. The exact nutrient quantities are present in 2-3 dubia roaches provided by various sources such as the TopFlight Dubia Roaches. This is another reason why these roaches are preferred more than any other insects. However, while feeding these roaches to your pet, they must be gut-loaded or properly-fed.

Feeding your roaches isn’t a difficult task. They are simple creatures with easy-to-acquire dietary needs, including decaying wood, rotting leaves, and other detritus food substances. These gut-loaded roaches have the unique ability to provide your pet with the necessary nutrition. 

Low Maintenance Requirements of Roaches 

Dubia roaches provide adequate nutrition to your pet reptile and are easy to breed and maintain at home. The popular opinion persists that insects are unclean and spread a variety of diseases. They also make several sounds that you may not have the interest or inclination to enjoy.

However, these roaches are not like other insects. They are surprisingly clean and do not emit any foul odor. These roaches are quiet beings, emitting next to none or minimal sounds. Moreover, they are ordinarily harmless creatures, posing no threat to you or your possessions.

High Breeding Rate

Dubia roaches also have a high breeding rate, with adult roaches having the ability to produce 35 young ones (or nymphs) every month. While this breeding rate is appreciably high, it is also dependent on the roaches’ health and surroundings. Here is where your responsibility begins.

You must provide the right kind of nutrition to these roaches and the right environment for them to breed. That way, you can have an unlimited healthy supply of roaches for your pet-reptile.

Feeder insects such as the TopFlight Dubia Roaches are a popular source of nutrition for reptiles these days due to their high nutritional value and other miscellaneous benefits. These benefits include lack of bad odor, considerable cleanliness, and no noise.

They also have a high fertility rate, so breeding these roaches becomes a major advantage for you, especially if you have other important things to take care of rather than producing food for your pet all the time. Dubia roaches are the comprehensive and balanced source of nutrition to keep your pet healthy and growing.

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