Useful Tips When Selecting Your Home Color Scheme

Your home color choice tends to tell a lot about you – be it your style, personality, or lifestyle. Similarly, the right home color scheme choice is essential as it sets the tone and affects your mood. Choosing a color scheme is subjective. Most importantly, find one that feels right for you. 

Let me take you through some tips that may help you make the right decision. 

Get some inspiration

Who hasn’t imagined their lavender-color apartment? Just like in Friends. Or how about bright, beautiful color blocks from your favorite video game like Pixel Art or Minecraft? 

These ideas are not only for the youngster’s room walls. Fanatics from any generation build concepts around their favorite movies, favorite shows, novels. They match colors, ambiance, and decor. 

More often than not, we based our dreamed rooms on TV or movie sets. We idealize accent pieces that turn into must-have decor buys inspired by our favorite shows. 

Do your Research

Use external sources to get more information on the different color schemes available. For a long time now, magazines and catalogs have always been preferred when choosing a home color scheme. 

These days, you have plenty of options on the internet, including platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest, in particular, features real-time ideas and is thus great for collecting all your favorite views.


Lighting is crucial as it has the capability of reflecting and deflecting color. Consider your home’s lighting from both natural and artificial sources. To find the room’s actual color, check during the day and as the lighting changes throughout the day. Different lightings tend to change the color as well. An example is indigo, which can appear bluer in one lighting and have more red in another lighting setting.

Follow your style

The secret to selecting a home color scheme is focusing on your likes and preferences. Choose a color that you love and exhibit your taste. Decorate your home with colors that look good on you, as you are more likely to be more comfortable in such a space. Involve an interior designer if necessary to help you blend your favorite colors or define your decorating style

Consider the Intended Room’s Feelings 

Your color choice communicates so much about your feelings. Expert advice that you use colors that match up to the emotions you wish to be experienced in the room. Keeping in mind that being exposed to the color for way too long might change how you feel. Your feelings are likely to vary depending on a room’s color theme. 

For instance, colors like white, blue, and green give a relaxing and calm mood. Therefore, such colors are ideal for private rooms, while warm colors like red are perfect for social space as they bring life into the room. 

Test the Color Tones

When selecting your home color theme, it is essential first to test the colors. You can use a color wheel to look for an ideal color scheme. With a turn of a wheel, you can tell how colors relate.

Start by having a picture of your style in mind. Sketch your room and paint your perfect colors. If they work out on paper, try painting small areas of your wall. You can also try painting other areas of your room and see if the colors see if they complement each other or not. This process makes the process and outcome less complicated. 


A good home color scheme should be proportional, i.e., avoid overusing or mixing too many colors. The colors used should be pleasant to the eye and should not bring any confusion. 

Notably, bold colors are great but only when used in moderation. In comparison, neutral colors are essential in creating a break and ensuring a balance between different colors. 

Plus, consider other accessories’ colors in the room, such as pillows, furniture, and lampstands, as they significantly determine your color scheme choice. For example, if you have colorful throw pillows and blankets, you can balance them by painting your walls black or white.

Note the Connection between Different Rooms

You must consider the connection between the different rooms. When all the colors in the rooms are connected, it becomes pleasant to the eyes. To do this, use a particular color for each room.

Be Brave While Choosing Colors

Go for bold colors when selecting your home color scheme, as they enhance even the dullest spaces in your home. Bold colors include red, green, and yellow, purple. While choosing an appropriate color for your home office, the impact of bold colors is felt even more. Here, opt for green since it symbolizes productivity because of its association with nature. Or blue as it shows creativity and an aspect of being open-minded and exploratory.


Your home’s color scheme is not an issue that should be taken lightly. Remember, your home color scheme conveys a message to you and your guests. Therefore, it is essential that you thoroughly consider your choices. We hope that these tips will go a long way in helping you make the right decision. 

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