Tips To Create A Perfect Wedding Menu That Pleases Your Guests

It is a known fact that the Big Fat Indian Weddings are really famous for all the extravagant decorations and grandeur. But one more thing that makes them stand apart is the lip-smacking food options that are served in them.

India is the land of spices and flavour, and in all its glory the Indian weddings flaunt the best dishes that are really flavourful. Just a bite into the food will be enough to fill the mouth with all the flavours be it spicy, sour, salty or sweet.

Careful attention must be given to every food item that is included in the wedding catering buffet. You must personally arrange for a tasting session with the best wedding caterers in Mumbai and see to it that every dish that you serve is great and delightful for the guests. 

Here we have mentioned some tips that’ll help you decide on the menu that not only is delicious but cater to all the different guests and their personal appetite.

Include some local delicacies

Each of the Indian states has some great delicacies that are popular in a particular region. Including these to the wedding menu will be great and will help make your wedding much more customized. These dishes will be totally new for the guests attending from other parts of the country and will be an instant hit among them.


Include some international food items

Including local dishes is a great idea, but what makes your wedding grand is the inclusion of some international food options to the menu as well. You can select from various international cuisines like American, Italian, Chinese, Korean, etc.


Serve food according to ceremonies

Indian weddings are really elaborate and have various ceremonies lined up one after the other before and after the wedding. You’ll have to decide on the different menu for each of these ceremonies as some morning ceremonies will call for a catering menu to be served as breakfast while some ceremonies will require lunch to be served.


Dietary restrictions of guests and family members

Many Indians are very strict about their fasting, and if your wedding falls on the day on which there might be a fast of some guests you must include some options at wedding food counter that can be served to them as well. Other dietary restrictions that you must consider might be your grandparent’s special diet, vegetarian guests etc.


Consider all guests(kids, friends and elders)

You must have an idea of your friends’ likes and dislikes when it comes to food. It is very much a possibility that there will be many of them who’ll prefer continental food over Indian delicacies. So make sure that you have a diverse menu. However, you’ll need to think of the elders, kids and the babies too and design a menu that caters to them too. Including some candy bars at the dessert counter, is another great idea and will be the run-to place for not only the kids but people of all age groups.


Include appetizers and welcome drinks

A wedding night is a long one and it’ll be great if you treat your guests with some delicious appetizers and welcome drinks at the very start. You can try mixing and matching various cuisines and be creative with the selection of appetizers as that will be the first thing that’ll be served to your guests at your wedding.


Don’t forget some great desserts

Dessert is the best place to get creative, you can include various varieties of desserts be it the cakes, pastries, cookies, candies, ice creams, cupcakes etc. What you can actually do to make it more entertaining for the guests is set up a DIY dessert counter that will not only look great but will also be the centre of attraction for everyone. It’ll be really joyful for the people to come up with different recipes of desserts from some basic ingredients.


With these tips, you are ready to nail the catering menu at your wedding and make sure that the menu serves every guest at the wedding according to their taste. After all, a happy guest leaving with a satisfied appetite is your ultimate aim.

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