What do you Need to be a Good Teacher?

The teacher plays the most important role in the student’s life. The teacher helps the student to learn basic skills such as reading and writing from a very young age. And later helps them to gain knowledge, be their inspiration and help them to achieve their goals and also guides them to the right path. Teacher is the one who encourages the students to follow their dream and guides them through. In order, to prepare the aspiring candidates to be a responsible teacher we have programmes and courses such as B.Ed and M.Ed Courses.

Being a teacher is a huge responsibility as the teachers are the one who moulds the student’s career. And to make sure this is important that the teachers are trained well too. The most important thing that students in these programmes are taught is to understand the basic needs of the students. As every student has a different ability to understand and have a different pace of learning. In the B.Ed and M.Ed courses, these things are taught to cater to the student’s needs.

It is important for a teacher to have a healthy relationship with their students. It is the teachers responsibility to understand the learning abilities of every individual student, as each student is different with different learning abilities, grasping and concentration level, memory, a teacher needs to understand the requirements of each and every student and help them overcome the challenges and grow.

There are exams such as TS EDCET to make sure that the candidates who are shortlisted are eligible to train the children and have all the abilities that are needed to be a good teacher. As the teachers are the ones who train the students, it is important to make sure that qualified and professional teachers are hired to have the dedication to bring out the best in a student.

For admission into B.Ed (Two years) Regular Course in the Colleges of Education in Telangana State Osmania University, Hyderabad on behalf of the Telangana State Council of Higher Education conducts a common entrance test, called as Telangana State Education Common Entrance Test TS EDCET

The basic knowledge of computers is made compulsory for the selection of candidates for the teacher’s post. This is to adopt modern educational technologies in the teaching methods. The schools are now making the classrooms AV-equipped to boost student’s understanding and learning process. Teachers can explain subjects like Math’s, Physics, Chemistry on the smart boards using graphical presentations. These methods help students and encourage them to take part in activities such as group presentations, seminars, etc which let the students explore their ideas and represent them in the classroom. More importantly, it boosts their confidence and helps them learn skills to communicate easily and erase the fear to speak or perform on the stage.

The adaptation of the smart class and e-books has helped evolve the whole concept of learning. The small children are watching cartoons and rhymes and learning side-by-side. Visualization and audio have helped children’s imagination, bring their own creative ideas. The students of all ages enjoy and have fun while learning through experiential learning which help them understand the experiments and the concept better. As a result, it has boosted the student’s performance and improved their academic grades. 

The teachers graduating from these courses should be capable of teaching using all modern technologies used and all skills like how to adopt these methods in teaching. They should be able to provide a quality education. Help students to develop higher mental abilities that are helpful in day to day life.

Teaching in a classroom setting is a difficult task because the teacher needs to interact with students who are approaching differently. Students have different interests, backgrounds and learning styles. Some students need to hear the study material, others to read it or see visual representations, some others to engage with it in a problem-solving manner and others need to dip into the study materials and understand it from different angles. And it is the teacher who understands these needs of the students and tries to teach them according to their needs and ability to learn. 

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