Photographer Peter Tamlin helps launch VILLYN underwear

Bold, unique, creative, unorthodox, daring, unconventional and fearless. That is how Peter Tamlin, the industry leading Canadian photographer, describes his style. He aims to make an impact with his work, force the viewer to pause and truly reflect on what they are looking at. Whether shooting an advertising campaign or a portrait, his artistic expression comes through and makes it instantly understandable why he is such a sought-after talent.

“I think the biggest challenge of being a photographer is always knowing that I must keep working diligently and constantly to achieve my goals. The hustle never ends. Once I’ve reached these milestones, there are always new goals that I want to achieve. Oddly enough, this ‘challenge’ is what I love about my career. I don’t ever want to be satisfied or content or ever feel like I can stop hustling,” said Tamlin.

Throughout his esteemed career, Tamlin has worked with many internationally recognized beauty brands, such as Aveda, MAC Cosmetics, and Revlon. He has worked with many major magazines, including Canada’s leading fashion publication Fashion Magazine, as well as Salon, leading Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail, and Dress To Kill. He has had his work displayed at the prestigious VZN Awards, a force in the Canadian hair and beauty industry. On top of this, he has taken home several prominent awards, most recently Honorable Mentions in the “People: Fashion/Beauty” and “Portrait” categories at the 2022 Neutral Density Photography Awards, which is a melting pot of some of the world’s most outstanding and talented souls in the field of photography where recognition, prestige and publicity are instantaneously gained.

“I’m very proud that I’ve been able to work with so many creative and talented artists and proud of the fact that I can bring all their talents together to create some timeless and impactful art. I’ve always said that as a photographer, I feel like a chef in a high paced kitchen, bringing all the elements or ingredients together to create a product that is greater than the sum of its parts, but still lets every element shine,” he said.

Tamlin is often approached to join a project or help bring awareness to a brand because of his prestige. Jonathan Morgan, the CEO of VILLYN underwear, reached out to the photographer to help launch the brand with their first ever ad campaign, knowing that Tamlin would be able to create engaging shots that would sell the product for years to come. Tamlin immediately took the project and was told to be as bold and creative as possible, a dream for any artist. 

“Jonathan has been a follower and supporter of my work for many years. When he approached me about this project, he said that I was the only photographer he had in mind and wouldn’t work with anyone else. He specifically said that he wanted my style and aesthetic for his advertising campaign and asked me not to tone down my work at all when shooting with him,” said Tamlin.

Tamlin is no stranger to shooting underwear campaigns and knew just how to light every shot to get the most from the models and product. Sometimes shooting underwear can be tricky, as it can be less than flattering on models or sometimes require lots of retouching, but this was not the case with VILLYN due to the high quality of the product. This allowed Tamlin to focus more on the artistry of each shot. Morgan wanted something bold, intense, and unique for this campaign, so Tamlin brought a thoughtful and calculated lighting setup to the direction of the shoot that allowed the photos to stand out in a crowded market. His lighting was excellent for showing details and textures, which led to an extremely successful shoot.

“I liked working on this project because this style of photography is very much my forte. It was very easy for me to design the lighting and set. Shooting with Jonathan felt effortless and very easy to make him happy. I always like when client’s hire me for my specific style and don’t try to push me into a box or into a different direction with my photography. Jonathan was very supportive and encouraging and excited for me to bring my vision to the VILLYN brand,” said Tamlin.

VILLYN launched a major ad push on social media late last year, and thanks to Tamlin’s stunning photographs, the results of the campaign were fantastic. The global sales numbers vastly outweighed their goals and allowed VILLYN to secure a reliable customer base, which is essential to any business as it starts up. None of this could have been possible without Tamlin looking through the lens.

“Jonathan told me that I set the bar very high with our first campaign together, so I’m happy to know that he found the shoot a success. He also mentioned that since the launch of the campaign, sales have increased dramatically, which is always great news to hear,” he said. “We are planning our next collaboration together and I’m hoping to out-do myself!”

Be sure to keep an eye out for that next campaign and Tamlin’s future work.

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