Ying Lin Hints, Ted Lasso Season 3 Wil Be Even Better!

Ted Lasso season 3 has no official release date but is expected sometime in Spring of this year, possibly as early as March. While it was previously stated that the series was planned to only have three seasons, its embrace by the public and industry may alter this decision. What’s for certain is that an international audience eagerly awaits to see what AFC Richmond and their American coach will experience in 2023. While pondering the relationship future of Roy and Keeley or your disdain for Nate, perhaps it’s a good time to peek behind the curtain and understand the behind-the-scenes of this series through the work of nuke compositor Ying Lin. Ms. Lin confirms that she’s unable to divulge plot points for the upcoming season but what she can offer is a sense of what it feels like to be a part of the team that creates the show about your favorite team, which might just hold you over until the premier episode is released.

  As co-lead on the VFX team of Ted Lasso (under the direction of Comp supervisor Bill Parker, twice Emmy-nominated for his work on Emmy Award-Winning Series The Man in the High Castle), Ying works with a team of a dozen compositors tasked with a variety of visual obstacles which must be established and/or corrected. Part wizardry and part quality-control, these professionals add to the creative elevation of the storylines. Ying stresses that it is a result of teamwork at its best. The popularity of Ted Lasso does come with its own set of golden handcuffs for those involved in making it as Ms. Lin relates, “I do feel a little pressure since I know how much people love this show, but the pressure also becomes my motivation to make the show become better. We only had three months working on season two and it had a lot of CG shots. We didn’t get a chance to get all the shots perfect. I feel good about season three because we have more time to dial in details to make everything look more realistic. We have a more accurate and detailed CG stadium, more photo references, new crowd footage that has more reactions, etc. I have no doubt that people will love season three as much as they did the first two seasons of Ted Lasso, if not more.”

  Ted Lasso has already been vetted by ubiquitous audience adulation and the reception of such industry recognitions as the Critic’s Choice Television Awards, DGA Awards, Golden Globe Awards, MTV Movie & TV Awards, NAACP Image Awards, Peabody Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Primetime Emmy, SAG Awards, and more. Ying Lin declares, “I feel so proud of working on Ted Lasso and I know how much people enjoy watching the show and can’t wait to see season three. I have to say, it’s worth to waiting a bit since we have longer time to refine all the details and make things look so realistic. What the VFX team does for the show is exactly that, team work. Just like the characters in the show on the football team, we aren’t perfect…but we work together, communicate, and grow to become a stronger team. That concept emanates beyond the show into who we all are.”

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