Lukas Engel on joining cultural phenomenon ‘PAW Patrol’ and becoming fan favorite Marshall

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Lukas Engel was often at the movies and going to plays. He loved watching the actors, saying to his mother that he too could be on stage or in front of a camera, captivating audiences and telling impactful stories. He would practice at home, doing live shows for his parents, pretending to be in front of the camera. There was a magic about it, and he loved being the center of attention in that way. He therefore naturally fell into professional acting as a child, winning his first major award at just nine years of age.

Engel has made a name for himself as a leading child actor. Now 15, he has spent his career working on internationally renowned projects, such as Netflix’s Hello Ninja and PBS’ Odd Squad: Mobile Unit. He has been nominated twice for Best Young Actor at the Young Entertainer Awards, and won a Joey Award in 2016 for his portrayal of Gabriel in The Shallow End

“Lukas is fantastic to work with as he’s quick to take direction and loves to perform. He is always positive and eager to do a great job,” said Acting Coach Elana Dunkleman. “Lukas is a wonderful actor because he’s extremely intelligent and can understand what a character is going through in a scene. He’s open to learning, which is such a valuable characteristic in a young actor.”

Dunkleman was Engel’s coach when he booked one of his biggest roles voicing Marshall, the fan favorite Dalmatian Fire Dog in Season 6 of Paw Patrol, and also the Paw Patrol movies Mission Big Screen, Jet to the Rescue, and Ready, Race, Rescue! 

Paw Patrol is a cultural phenomenon that tells the story of a group of six rescue dogs, led by a tech-savvy boy named Ryder, who have adventures in “PAW Patrol.” The heroic pups, who believe “no job is too big, no pup is too small,” work together to protect the community. All of the animals have special skills, gadgets and vehicles that help them on their rescue missions. Whether rescuing a kitten or saving a train from a rockslide, the PAW Patrol is always up for the challenge while also making sure there’s time for a game or a laugh.

“The storyline in Paw Patrol always involves problem solving. Marshall brought some fun to the episodes by slipping and falling or sliding, and his pup friends always laughed and accepted him. The main pups are all best friends and work together. I think this is an important message for kids watching the show because it shows them how to work as a team,” said Engel.

Paw Patrol is one of the most popular children’s shows in the world, the number one streamed kids television show on Netflix US, and became a multibillion dollar business from licensing due to the show’s immense popularity. Marshall was one of the lead characters in the Paw Patrol series. The show is not complete without him, and for Engel, coming on in the sixth season, he had to be accurate to an already existing character that was very dear to audiences. Engel was already a fan of the show, and Marshall was his favorite character, so he knew how to portray him very easily. His preparation for each session was to read the script and really know what his actions were. Marshall was a clumsy character who was often falling or sliding, so Engel would mimic these actions while he was recording, bringing authenticity and comedy to the role.

“It was an amazing feeling to be part of such a popular and successful series. It made me work hard, and I wanted to be sure I kept up the high standards of the Paw Patrol series for all the fans that support the show. It is always nice when people say that their kids love Paw Patrol and Marshall is their favorite. It makes me feel proud,” he said. “I also liked having the tagline ‘I’m ready for a ruff ruff rescue’ because I knew everyone that watched the show knew that line.”

Paw Patrol is available to stream on Netflix all over the world, so if you haven’t had the chance yet, be sure to check it out and enjoy Engel’s memorable performance as Marshall. 

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