Frazier ‘Kay’ Khattri knows how to build an online audience

Frazier Khattri was just six years of age when he started playing video games. It was a huge part of his childhood and adolescence, bringing him closer with his friends and brother. As he aged, he began to experiment with posting his gaming clips online, and found an engaged audience.

“I don’t want to think about the amount of time I’ve spent gaming! It’s what got me into content creation in the first place,” he said.

With diligence, Khattri grew his channel over the years, and ended up getting signed with FaZe Clan in December 2013. FaZe is the world’s largest gaming organization, valued at almost $500 million, which has recently gone public on the stock exchange.

For years, Khattri was a member of the talent, known as “FaZe Kay” featured in videos and competitions playing games like Call of Duty. He began transitioning into more vlog style videos, featuring himself and other members of FaZe partaking in various challenges and real-life content. However, in 2021 he started to pivot from just being the talent and appearing in the content to taking on a more hands on approach to producing and creating. He was very in tune with the YouTube algorithm at that point and knew what their fans would enjoy. 

“As a member of FaZe at the time, the main channel was super important to me. That was the main hub for all our fans to watch our content. At one point I had been a huge fan of FaZe, so the fact I was now appearing in and producing content for them was crazy to me. It was always so much fun to work with all the guys too,” said Khattri.

When running the FaZe Clan YouTube Channel, Khattri was responsible for executing shoots, and all aspects of pre-post production. He was also responsible for the direction of content and the majority of the ideas themselves while bringing out the best out of the other members. 

“Frazier was one of the most hardworking members of FaZe Clan and had a huge input into many of the main channel videos FaZe released over the years. He is very fun but also professional, valuing his time while making sure everyone else is on the same page. He makes stuff happen,” said Taav Cooperman, VP of Marketing for FaZe Clan. “He has been involved in the YouTube space for a long time before anyone was making any money. This gives him a huge degree of knowledge about the platform. Frazier has always constantly evolved to meet the needs of the audience which has served him well.”

FaZe videos had a large budget, which allowed for ample creativity for Khattri as there was the opportunity to create some really amazing and unique content. He and his team would brainstorm ideas together and then systematically work on each scene, but he made the decision to really up the scale of each production so they could compete with emerging YouTubers such as Mr. Beast. This often meant bringing in people to build huge sets in their backyard and collaborating more with other talent such as Sommer Ray, which was an idea of Khattri’s. 

These changes Khattri implemented for FaZe helped their YouTube following grow exponentially. The channel had almost four times more monthly viewers during the time he worked on it, and during the peak they were gaining 50K to 70K subscribers weekly, which was unprecedented. 

“Seeing how our fans really resonated with the content we were producing during this time period was amazing. Working with the other FaZe members was also so much fun and the productions were often challenging in scale,” he said.

Khattri ended up departing FaZe in June of 2021, and has since been focusing on growing his own YouTube channel as well as his channel with his brother. Known now as simply “Kay”, he has a combined following of over 7 million subscribers, once again showing the extraordinary savvy of this leading content creator.

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