Canada’s Kaela Faloon talks dancing alongside Grammy Award Winner Mýa

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Kaela Faloon has taken over the dance industry on a worldwide level. Her decorated resume includes highlights like So You Think You Can Dance and the Netflix series Grand Army, iHeart Radio Music Awards, the Much Music Video Awards, the renowned Toronto International Film Fesitval, WE Day, Fashion Art Toronto, Calgary Stampede, Grey Cup, Much Music’s Best Dance Crew, Luminato Festival, Summer Rush, Pan Am Games Opening ceremony, and many other iconic events. She has danced in music videos for stars such as Rihanna, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Nelly Furtado, Shawn Desman, Jully Black, Shawn Mendes, Audio Playground, Karl Wolf, and Jill Barber, to name a few. She has also worked with artists on numerous live and touring performances, some of which include Megan Trainor, Nick Jonas, Fifth Harmony, Estelle, Flo Rida, Carly Rae Jepsen, Mia Martina, Massari, The Roots, Sharaya J, Basshunter, Kreesha Turner, Anjulie, Bow Wow, Nickelback, Mariana’s Trench, Young MC, Sugar Hill Gang, Naughty by Nature, Rob Base and many more.

“What I love most about being a professional dancer is that dance is a universal language, that regardless of where I travel, where I perform, and who I perform for, my energy will always be felt and reciprocated. There truly is no better feeling than connecting with strangers through my love for dance, to hear music and immediately be on the same frequency as someone, no words shared, but a connection that is silently understood. I get goosebumps thinking about the power and beauty of dance, the unity it creates, and the feeling of being present that is shared. It’s undeniable,” she says.

One of the longest standing relationships of Faloon’s extraordinary career is with Grammy Award winning artist Mya Harrison, better known as Mýa. Faloon has been Mýa’s lead dancer and lead assistant choreographer ever since the famed singer hand-picked Faloon in her audition in 2015. There were over 500 dancers who showed up and auditioned for Mýa, but she was only looking to hire two lead dancers to join her on tour. Faloon was one of the two selected and has been a lead dancer for Mýa ever since, touring with her internationally in front of thousands of fans to her hit songs “Lady Marmalade” featuring Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim and P!nk, “Case of the Ex”, “My Love is Like… Wo”, “It’s All About Me” and so many more. 

“Growing up listening to Mýa and watching her music videos is what made me want to audition to be one of her lead dancers, because I was so inspired by her at a young age, at a time where I was just beginning my dance journey. What I loved about watching Mýa perform was that she was so sophisticated yet powerful, and so confident in her deliverance both vocally and choreographically. She was so well rounded, and kept you captivated from the very beginning of her performance all the way to the end. Fast forward to today, but now all eyes are on me as I perform with her in front of so many fans who at the end of each show compliment me on how captivating I am as a dancer, it really is a full circle moment,” says Faloon.

Faloon is currently on tour with Mýa as Lead Dancer and Lead Assistant Choreographer, ensuring the shows keep elevating in quality, creativity and effectiveness. Mýa prides herself in prioritizing her fans, and with Faloon’s talent, creativity and dedication, she continues to deliver an entertaining show from top to bottom, which the fans adore.

A lot of preparation goes into every single one of the shows, however, rehearsal time is limited, as Mýa’s performance schedule is packed. This requires Faloon to come organized and prepared so that the entire team can learn, clean and run through the show multiple times before the performance. Faloon’s versatility is key here, as she is highly skilled in multiple dance styles, and can therefore easily adapt to any last minute changes in choreography, formations and transitions, which makes rehearsals run smoothly and the performances a huge success.

These consistent live performances have elevated Mýa as an artist and increase her fan base and album sales, in addition to promoting her albums “Smooth Jones” which led to a Grammy nomination for best traditional R&B, and her album “T.K.O” commemorating her 20th anniversary of her debut album, featuring her single “Ready For Whatever” who’s music video reached over 2.5 million views. These performances were also crucial to introducing her fans to her new music and led her to complete her 10th studio album, and continue to set tour dates and performances both in the U.S and internationally. 

“There is truly no better feeling knowing that my talents as a lead dancer and choreographer have been a driving force behind Mýa’s continued success, of selling 3.2 million records in the United States and 7 million albums worldwide. With this momentum of album sales, Mýa’s shows demand excellence, they require undeniable talent on stage in order for her to continue to elevate her career. Knowing that Mýa has requested me to be by her side both on and off stage for the past seven years, is a true testament to my contribution to her overall success. Mýa knows she can rely on me to deliver excellence, to deliver consistency, and to perform my heart out on stage, to deliver a quality show that is personalized for her fans,” concludes Faloon.

To continue following Kaela as lead dancer and lead assistant choreographer touring with Mýa, check out Mýa’s tour dates here. Not only will she be touring with Mýa, Faloon will also be lead dancer and lead assistant choreographer to world renowned Choreographer Rhapsody James, who has been a legend in the dance industry for over 20 years, choreographing for the industry’s best such as Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, Puff Daddy and Trey Songz to name a few. Faloon will be travelling across the US and internationally for Rhapsody James’s leading Commercial Dance Program, Motivating Excellence, as well as touring across the US for Monster’s Dance Convention, the original all hip hop dance convention led by the industry’s top choreographer’s and dance instructors. Faloon’s talent and work ethic has proven successful as she is also a lead dancer and lead assistant choreographer to Rhapsody James on the popular Netflix series All American and All American Homecoming. To stay up-to-date with Faloon’s thriving career, head to her website, as this talented lead dancer and lead assistant choreographer is always elevating her career to new levels. 

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