Producer Lancen Gm talks marketing a movie and passion for filmmaking

Whenever Lancen Gm begins a new film project, he likes to envision its potential. He clearly sees the success, the awards and accolades that his work has achieved. He manifests this vision and allows it to drive him in every decision he makes. As a producer and leader of the project, he never wants to settle for anything less than perfection. The role requires him to bring a creative and artistic vision and blend it with a business mindset and build a team that shares those same ideals. It is this approach that has allowed him to rise to the top of his field, with many of his projects winning top awards at prestigious international film festivals.

Lancen was initially drawn to filmmaking after growing up watching the Marvel movies, greatly inspired by their ability to draw audiences in and consistently break box office records. He always knew growing up that he too wanted to one day make movies, and loved the freedom that producing offered. He has gone on to produce many acclaimed productions and high-profile commercials for major brands such as Honda, OPPO, V-mates NFT, and more. He has won many awards, with his film Three Pick-Up Artists taking home Best Student Film at the Flicks Film Festival 2019, and his greatest success story, Code ½ winning 15 major awards across 8 prolific film festivals. It is a remarkable feat that shows audiences everywhere just how skilled of a filmmaker Lancen truly is.

Lancen’s latest endeavor is expected to do very well on the festival circuit. Part of Me Knows What You’re Thinking is an impactful drama that is still in post-production, but Lancen already has a big vision for it. The story follows John, who takes his new girlfriend Erika to his family’s house and tries to prove that he wants to share everything with her. During dinner, Erika feels a lot of pressure without John noticing. John proposes to Erika and she says yes, but she begins to regret her decision more and more as time passes. She stays awake at night feeling insecure that she is living a lie and is not totally sure if she wants to be with John, as the idea of marriage scares her. 

Lancen fell in love with the story and script the moment he read it and knew he was the producer that could bring it to the next level. He reached out to the writer and director, Xiang Jin, and asked what her plan was once the film was finished. She told him she did not have a plan, and Lancen instantly began to see its potential, immediately knowing what festivals would love a film such as this.

“While working on this film, I really felt like the decision-maker. I encouraged Xiang that it’s not only about creating an amazing film, but also marketing it to our target audience. Doing so involves working on a blueprint of the direction, finding good pictures, and making a decent film poster. Marketing is so important in this industry. A good film is nothing if no one knows about it,” he said.

Without Lancen, Part of Me Knows What You’re Thinking would remain on a hard drive, unseen by the world. He opened the director’s mind that it’s not only an art, but also a product. “People are happy to listen to my advice. They choose to let the ego down to embrace the benefits. Sometimes it is pretty challenging to work with ambitious artists, but those people are willing to take steps to change their mindsets. I have a strong understanding of a film’s commercial side and building its image,” he concluded.

So what’s next for this multi-talented producer? He currently has several projects on the go, including the film Shadow Hollow, a drama about Ukrainian immigrant Lenka who tries to make her way in Chinese society, and the spectacular psychedelic film Elips Party, showcasing the Goa Island rave scene. Lancen plans on pitching both films to A-list film festivals and distributors such as Netflix.

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