Social Media Content Strategist Mario Joos on growing an online audience

As a social media content strategist, Mario Joos imparts the knowledge that he has gained by his vast amount of experience working with some of the world’s biggest content creators and in turn, helps them build their own knowledge. It is this sense of making a difference for those he works with that gives him an immense sense of satisfaction. He helps build expertise on audience interest and engagement, showcasing the vast talent that those he works with already display. He elevates them, which in turn elevates him, and that makes for an extremely rewarding career

Joos transitioned from professional gamer and content creator with almost 44,000 followers on Twitch streaming platform to a social media content strategist in 2019. He found himself interested in YouTube beyond simply posting videos of his content, but rather the potential to grow an audience. This led him to eventually team up with Kwebbelkop, a gaming content creator that had over 10 million YouTube subscribers at the time. That was when he truly fell in love with helping others promote their content.

“It gives me the opportunity to really focus on what I believe this industry needs without limiting my research to what someone else believes is important. If I want to research storytelling, nobody will stop me. The only thing that I need to do is innovate. Over the past two years, I’ve made over 150 discoveries both large and small. It really makes you feel like you are contributing something important to an industry,” says Joos. “This job has also given me the opportunity to work on the biggest videos on YouTube and meet some of the biggest content creators. And unlike being a content creator yourself, you can work on videos without needing to be a face in those videos.”

Since working with Kebbelkop, Joos has collaborated with many of the world’s most prolific content creators, including MrBeast, the most profitable creator on YouTube in 2021 and the 5th most subscribed to creator on the platform. He also has worked with gaming creator Checkpoint and helped the creator grow his channel from 17 million views per month to 75 million views per month through the span of a year, an accomplishment that Joos deems as the highlight of his esteemed career.

It was a long effort that took a lot of changes, but in terms of numbers this was the biggest accomplishment in my eyes. I’ve worked on some really big videos that pull over 100 million views each, but those are single victories. The number of correct decisions it takes to help a channel grow like that is a very difficult task. One wrong suggestion could set you back millions of monthly views,” says Joos.

In December 2020, Joos and Checkpoint connected to discuss YouTube analytics and found an interest in working with each other. Checkpoint’s channel had passed its initial growth stage and it was becoming difficult to know where to go with his growth. His team consisted of only him and an editor, so Joos saw there was a lot of opportunity to also grow the business. What began as an initial three-month project focused on YouTube data and improving the viewer’s experience of each video quickly turned into a multi-year collaboration. 

Joos has worked together with Checkpoint to help grow the team from that small operation into a bigger team with multiple editors, channel managers and a small creative team. He focuses on analysis of current content to create learnings to educate the team. Next to this, he offers direction on expanding the business. Through writing and researching almost 30 papers, Joos has created a lot of knowledge on character development, storytelling and retention strategies that help with channel growth. He is a leader in the industry, and the results he achieves prove why so many talented creators seek his guidance.

“While Steven is the creative genius behind each of the 400 videos created so far in our time of working together, my work was important to guide him in the right direction so that the videos wouldn’t only have a great storyline with great acting, but that it would reach the audience it deserves. I’ve helped him grow his team and helped him understand how to become creative with the analytics that convey how the audience feels while watching his content. Working with Steven has been one of the best projects of my life,” says Joos.

Checkpoint’s channel has now reached 1 billion views on YouTube and the growth over 2021 has been exponential. Many videos reach over 5 million views, and the channel has over 2 million subscribers and quickly growing towards 5 million subscribers with some months hitting over 70 million views per month. For Joos, however, the numbers are secondary to the development of this type of content and putting Checkpoint on the map within his niche of content. Checkpoint has been noticed by many top creators and his concepts have inspired other creators to make videos on similar concepts.

“I’ve been extremely proud of the work that we’ve been able to accomplish in the span of a year. It’s insane how fast a small two-man operation can grow into a full creative team working on many videos, but it’s even better that this team feels like a group of passionate friends who just happen to work on a growing channel. Successes are relative, in the eyes of the public we might look at millions of views, but the internal change is the biggest success in my opinion,” he says.

Joos is currently still working with Checkpoint and the pair are working on expanding the channel into multiple directions. This includes translating his content into multiple languages, and adding live animating to reactionary content. You will want to stay tuned for what’s to come, so if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to Checkpoint’s channel.

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