The Smartest Way to Secure Homes in Present Times

Irrespective of the type of home or type of people living inside the home, security is very important. Even though people stay outside or go to other places, making sure that home and their precious things inside a home are safe and secure is very crucial.

One of the best and smartest ways to ensure this is by installing 360-degree cameras for video surveillance that can work both in the day and night modes.

Reasons why people need security cameras for safety even in workplaces

Using video surveillance and security cameras reduces the crime rate by 16% according to a study. Be it home or commercial organization installing security cameras is very helpful in many other ways.

  • Having video coverage not only protects but also makes the employees more productive as they will know that they are being monitored.
  •  There will be many disputes in the workplace and resolving them will be very easy as there will be video footage in order to get the true story.
  • People work putting their effort and money along with their most valuable time in order to achieve things. Leaving them in the workstations that are under video surveillance makes them sleep in peace as they have an assurance that nothing will go wrong or even something happens they can track that easily.
  • For workplaces in which accidents are common, it is very beneficial for them to maintain security cameras as all the slips and falls will be documented and can be used later in the legal proceedings and even in the insurance claims.

Features to look for in-home security cameras

There are a few things that have to take into notice before deciding on the type of cameras they require. Few cameras record video continuously while some work on a trigger basis. Some of the features like these are given below

  • For video surveillance that is continuous, the camera might require a lot of uninterrupted wifi.
  • The footage that is recorded will be stored either on the camera itself or checked for the cloud storage as that can make it easy to check whenever they require that footage.
  • There should be a night vision as crime can happen even when there is darkness.
  • Having a mobile app for controlling and viewing that footage even when they are away from the home is beneficial.
  • The 360-degree monitoring can help in looking out the whole home all the time without risking the chance of crime.

Some of the Best Home security cameras available

There are many best home security cameras available in the market that can do the task perfectly. Some of them are listed below

1.     Nest Cam IQ Indoor

2.     Arlo Pro 3

3.     Blink Outdoor

4.     Ring Indoor Cam

5.     Nest Cam Indoor


As there are advantages to installing security cameras there are a few disadvantages as well. Some of them include

  • Even though this technology of video surveillance is very helpful there are drawbacks as well. Some people might use this recording for blackmailing people as well which can be problematic.
  • Buying and installing the security cameras and wifi for 360-degree surveillance will be pretty expensive.

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