Poland’s Diana Matlak on How Dancing Background Paved the Way For Acting Career

Diana Matlak first was on a stage at just six years of age. At the time, she was a dancer, fond of performing. Growing up in Poland, she pursued her interest in dance, training in Latin dancing for 13 years. When she stopped competing, she found herself still longing for the stage and signed up for a theatre class. It was there she discovered her passion: acting.

“I love creating roles, portraying different characters, and telling beautiful stories. Entertaining and inspiring people is a passion of mine, and I think the job of an actor is to entertain, to make the audience feel. I love the entire process: from auditioning, to getting a role, preparing, and working on my character to finally filming and working on set,” said Matlak.

Now located in Los Angeles, Matlak has become an internationally in-demand actor. She is known for being very expressive and physical, and her dance background comes forward in her acting style, with fluid and graceful movements. She loves to play big and dramatic characters, but at the same time is always open for a challenge, and enjoys diving into complicated characters that are opposite to her outgoing personality.

“I think acting to me is being able to connect with the audience by telling different stories. As an actor I want to entertain people. I always try to serve the story first, often asking myself, ‘What can I do to tell the story in the best possible way?’ I would like to be able to tell beautiful stories and inspire people,” she said.

Matlak’s resume is extensive, having worked on many prolific projects working alongside Hollywood’s top talent, including Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in the Academy Award winning film A Star is Born, Reese Witherspoon in Nancy Myer’s hit Home Again, and Issa Rae in HBO’s acclaimed series Insecure.

Recently, Matlak brought on the laughs in Corona Viral Monologues. A poignant and hilarious tour of the new pandemic normal, the Corona Viral Monologues brings together the stories of the Viral Monologues – an episodic play written by the actors at Chubbuck Studio – linking all of our worlds in the stages of grieving, regardless of if you are trying to stop the spread. Matlak plays a leading character who empowers the audience not to give up, a vital message during these unconventional times. The film went on to see great success at many prestigious international film festivals, such as the Golden Gate International Film Festival, the Los Angeles Film Awards, and the Silicon Beach Film Festival, where it took home the Audience Award. Matlak is proud to have played such a large part in the film’s success.

“I really love the message of the movie that even in tough times like isolation and quarantine because of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are able to find strength to live, be hopeful and not to give up. The movie is very inspiring and motivating. It shows people’s struggle and experiences during the pandemic,” said Matlak.

Matlak does not just excel at comedy. She starred in the award-winning Polish television series Na Sygnale in 2019, which told the story of paramedics and their work on ambulance calls. This required very dramatic timing, to accurately reflect the stressful conditions paramedics go through on a daily basis to save lives. Matlak’s character of Barbara Molda was pivotal in getting that message across. 

So, what’s next for this in-demand actor? Matlak’s newest film, Detainment, was recently released, directed by Trina McGee (Boy Meets World). Her newest feature, Coincidental Romance, directed by the award-winning filmmaker Joseph Brandon, will be released soon. The story follows an aspiring fashion designer who decides to start fresh and follow her dreams. She soon sparks with her neighbor who just moved into the apartment above her. Matlak is thrilled for audiences to see her in this leading role, and fans can eagerly await the release of this compelling and dramatic romance. Be sure to keep an eye out for it.

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