Blue Team Vs Red Team – What’s The Difference?

In the world of cyber security, one of the most essential steps in keeping your systems safe from hackers and spies is to have regular drills called Blue Team and Red Team exercises. This article will give you a basic overview of these two types of exercises, and how they work. After reading this, you’ll know everything you need to know about Blue Team vs Red Team exercises in the world of cyber security.

What is Blue Team

Blue Teams are cyber security teams that protect their companies’ networks and data. They focus on a system hardening and securing. Blues are like knights – they defend an organization against cyber attacks, especially from the… Red Tem! The rule is simple. When the Red Team attacks, the Blue Team defends. They are looking for the best option to make incident response stronger.  In short, Blue Team members work on the defense side of cyber security – they spend their time identifying weak spots before they get exploited.

What is Red Team

But what exactly is red teaming, and why would you want to employ it in your organization? On a high level, it’s an approach to cyber security that specifically involves making attacks on your own systems. If you’re thinking that sounds like madness, then think again. You see, while most information security professionals aim to keep bad guys out of their systems by building firewalls and other protective measures, red teaming does just the opposite: It actively looks for vulnerabilities so organizations can fix them before they become problematic. It also helps organizations train their employees on how to handle cyber attacks in real life. Reds also try to preemptively attack their own systems to test vulnerabilities and discover weaknesses that might be exploitable by hackers. 

How Are They Different?

There are some key differences between Blue and Red team tactics. One is strategic, and one is tactical. At a high level, Blue teams look to execute existing best practices and policies to prevent attacks while Red teams put themselves in an attacker’s position. However, when we start talking about specific techniques and tools there can be some substantial overlap in methodologies depending on your organization’s mission.

Which One Should I Choose

If you’re in charge of cyber security at your company, you’re probably trying to figure out which training to get for your team. Do you go with blue team vs red team training? There are trainings that cover both one and the other target group. By knowing what it consists of, you will be able to make an informed decision about what makes sense for your business.

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