Noyafa’s Best Underground Wire Locators

Underground wire locators are one of Noyafa’s most unique and prestigious products. They offer a variety of cable locater goods as cable locater suppliers. RJ11, RJ45, and BNC cables, for example, are primarily designed to scan and locate the cable. In addition, an underground wire locator is primarily used to discover visible wires. Such as those found underground or in walls. AC Interference Rejection is comprehensive and easy to track. Tone trace a live cable with a socket inside 220V to avoid burning. Signal sensitivity can be adjusted from 0 to 5 feet. It’s widely used in irrigation and as a dog fence. The tone generator probe kit is used to install and maintain weak current systems. These are also useful in communication lines, comprehensive wiring circuits, telephone systems, and computer networks.

NF-826 Noyafa Underground Wire Detector and Cable Locator

It can detect cables, electrical wires, and water/gas supply pipelines buried in the wall or the ground. Furthermore, it can detect short circuits and interrupts underground. That is why it is the most critical underground cable locator. One can also use it to detect fuses and assign current circuits. Moreover, you can also locate the sockets which are covered under the plaster. 

Its main components include

  • Preset transmitting power sent codes
  • battery energy
  • mains voltage detected
  • AC/DC status of mains voltage detected
  • and a warning symbol for primary voltage on the transmitter’s screen.

The transmitter contains a self-inspection feature. That detects the transmitter’s functioning status. and displays it on the LCD screen for the user’s convenience. The receiver’s sensitivity can be adjusted manually. Automatic frequency sweeping is possible with the receiver. Mute mode is available for both the transmitter and the receiver. The receiver’s LCD screen has a backlight for use in low-light situations. 

NF-816L Underground Cable Locator

The underground wire locator. It is designed to help users locate low voltage wires. Usually, these are used in automatic watering systems and garden lighting systems in gardens and landscapes.

A “transmitter” is used to send a signal down the traced cable or to a solenoid valve that is being located. The signal is subsequently picked up by a “receiver,” which follows the cable or locates the coil.

Multifunction Underground Cable Locator NF-820

Noyafa subterranean is simple to use. It detects the position of a cable in the ground or another cable that is not visible. The range is 0 to 2 meters. The signal sensitivity of the transmitter and receiver can both be adjusted. (0-2m) With full AC Interference Rejection, it’s simple to track. To avoid burning, tone traces a live cable (220V) with a socket. Single conductor, 2-core, or multi-core trace cable that is capable.

General Benefits of Noyafa’s Underground Cable locators

  • Working in a noisy workplace is made easier using earphones.
  • Both the cable lead and the socket can be utilized simultaneously.
  • The low battery indicator is a valuable feature.
  • The transmitter has a rechargeable Lithium battery.
  • Within a high voltage 220V environment, NOYAFA underground wire locator NF-820 is used.
  • Inside a wall or any other cable and pipe that isn’t visible. A detection range of up to 2 meters is possible. Furthermore, the NF-820 is capable of cable tracing.


These are valuable tools for engineers. And it is commonly used in home decoration, cabling installation, and telecommunications, among other things. We highly recommend it to those readers who are involved in troubleshooting such applications. This equipment makes life easier for them. Suppose you are interested to find out the further specifications and products. Then we suggest visiting their official web—Noyafa

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