Data Driven SEO Techniques to Increase Rankings

Delante’s data driven approach to search engine optimization (SEO) has helped our clients increase their site’s rankings, increase website traffic, and gain more qualified leads. With the help of detailed analytics, our search engine optimization experts are able to pinpoint your site’s weaknesses, devise strategies to overcome them, and help you stay ahead of the competition. To learn more about our data driven SEO techniques, check out our white paper below and visit

Keyword Discovery

Looking for an easy way to track down unlisted keywords? Look no further than Keyword Discovery . This tool helps you analyze current search trends, find under-performing long-tail keywords, and zero in on high-competition terms. It’s a great way to find new keyword ideas for your content strategy while making sure that you’re not ignoring long-tail searches that may lead users directly to your site. It also lets you know what other sites are ranking for your target terms so that you can improve your own optimization efforts. If you want one reliable resource for all of your keyword research needs, check out Keyword Discovery today.

Domain Analysis

The first step in creating a successful data-driven SEO strategy is to fully understand your website, which starts with a domain analysis. This analysis reveals your site’s strengths and weaknesses and identifies all of its relevant keywords. When you know how search engines see your site, you can then take steps to remedy any issues and increase your page rank. For example, say you discover that Google doesn’t recognize some of your top terms because they aren’t emphasized throughout the site (e.g., underlined text). You could make immediate changes to help drive more traffic based on those terms or take steps down line (such as purchasing relevant advertisements) that reinforce them over time.

Link Analysis

A good place to start on your journey of analytics is with your own website. A lot of people get anxious when they hear analytics, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is a way of tracking how many people visit your site and where they go after that, so you can see if there are pages or posts you should focus on improving. If you aren’t tracking anything yet, check out Google Analytics . It’s free, easy to set up and offers an incredible amount of data—you just need to be able to use it effectively.

On Page Analysis

What does your on-page optimization look like? While off-page SEO is important, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not doing anything that may actually hurt your site’s rankings. Your analysis will be in two parts: (1) readability and (2) over optimized keywords. Readability: Make sure that everything on your page reads naturally and consistently. If it doesn’t, don’t publish until it does. An unreadable page isn’t worth any amount of traffic! Over Optimized Keywords: Check for keyword density throughout your entire site with a tool like Delante. You’ll want around 3% or less throughout all pages—but there’s nothing wrong with 5% or even 10% if they’re used correctly and surrounded by other, relevant content.

Traffic Source Analysis

It’s important to understand where your traffic is coming from. The amount of time you devote toward searching for new traffic sources, either by testing different keywords or experimenting with social media networks, should be proportional to how much you’re currently spending on your marketing campaigns. If one out of every two dollars is currently being spent on search marketing, then it’s safe to assume that around one out of every two dollars should be spent on researching new traffic sources. By tracking where your visitors are coming from, you can determine whether your optimization efforts are paying off or if there are opportunities for further optimization. Additionally, tracking source data can help establish a baseline that indicates how effective you are at generating traffic via specific channels.

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