Brooke Chamberlain shows multifaceted acting chops in upcoming film ‘Stalk Her’

Despite having a passion for performing from the time she was a child in Alstonville, Australia, Brooke Chamberlain truly fell in love with acting while working on her first major motion picture, Daybreakers, starring Ethan Hawke and Willem Defoe. She knew the moment that she stepped onto the set for the first time that it was her calling. 

“I remember being on these big film sets, and I was so blown away at the process of film making and how the creative process worked, and it all came together to make this beautiful film that we get to watch at the cinemas. It was a beautiful experience that I wanted more of. As a little country girl, it all seemed like a new world that I knew I wanted to be a part of. Where I am from most people get married and have babies young, but I knew there was a different life for me out there. I had to follow my dreams and pursue this creative path as an actress,” she said.

It’s been some time since Chamberlain was on that set, and since then she has risen to the top of her industry. She has appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, television shows like East of Everything and Summer Crush, commercials for Honda and, and many other acclaimed films, including The Dunes, which is having a tremendous festival run this year. The film won Best Actor at the Berlin Indie Film Festival, Best Producer at the Chicago Indie Film Awards, the Jury Prize at the Golden Harvest Film Festival, the Award of Excellence for Best Feature Film at the SoCal Film Awards, the May Award for Best Director in a Feature Film at the Sweden Film Awards, Best Actor in a Feature Film at the Vancouver Independent Film Festival and was nominated for Best Thriller at the Paris Film Festival.

Despite such success, Chamberlain attributes the highlight of her career to filming her most recent film, Stalk Her. The documentary stars social media star Sommer Ray, who has over 26 million followers online, and shows her ongoing struggle with an obsessed fan showering her with gifts, solicitations, and unwanted contact. Inspired by true events, the film delves into the tragic family history of her stalker and the psychology of fandom gone awry.

“I loved that this film really relates to my high school days and is relatable to so many people. We all experience bullying at some point in our life and it’s all about how we overcome it and grow from it, how to try and not let it affect us and that it always stems from other people’s jealousies and insecurities. I think it’s important to see messages like this so we know that we are not alone,” said Chamberlain.

In Stalk Her, Chamberlain plays Peggy, a vibrant girl who really tells the story in a unique way. As part of the role, Chamberlain got to mimic different accents and mimic real people. This was a lot of fun for the actress, who enjoyed experimenting with different voices and copying certain videos and the way people spoke. The director, Youssef Delara, trusted Chamberlain to bring her own spice to Peggy and together they made a great team in bringing the character to life.

“I had such a blast working on this, I got to play with different accents and really have fun with this character. The director was great to work with and we worked so well together. Every shoot day was fun and exciting and the whole process was very enjoyable. I learned a lot working on this project and I felt I really grew in my confidence as an actor. You learn so much working with different directors and it’s great to see how differently they all are. Each director is unique and it really makes you adaptable when you get to work with so many great industry professionals,” Chamberlain described.

Chamberlain cannot wait to share the story of Stalk Her with everyone soon. Keep an eye out for it. Her performance is worth the wait, according to Producer Ray Brown.

“Brooke is always phenomenal to work with, she is unique and has a fresh take on acting that is like no other. She stands out and has her own essence that makes everyone fall in love with her. I’ve worked with Brooke and watched her in different projects and she’s brilliant and it’s always exciting to watch her shift from character to character in each project,” said Brown. 

Photo by Brennan McMurry

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