Keeping Your House Cool in the Heat and Humidity

If you’ve been considering one of the many beautiful Charleston houses for sale, you may be factoring the weather into your decision. While southern heat and humidity can be unbearable. Thankfully, there are plenty of tricks you can use to keep your house cool and comfortable.

The first thing you should know is that it is not always necessary to use air-conditioning in order to keep your house cool when the temperatures start to rise. Here are some tips for keeping your place cool without making your electric bill soar:

Keep Your Windows Closed

There are a few reasons why this tip is important. First, keeping your windows closed will prevent your air conditioning from running as often as you are preventing warm air from entering your home. Another reason is that you’re avoiding cross-ventilation from other rooms which can potentially raise home temperatures rather than drop them.

Use Blinds or Curtains

Blocking sunlight is key to helping additional heat from coming into your home, not to mention inexpensive. They are not only useful in insulating windows but reducing sun glare and distracting reflections, as well. There are many types of blinds you can use such as wood, metal, roller shades, and more.

You also don’t need to limit blinds or curtains to just windows. Don’t forget about your doors and skylights too!

Turn Off the Lights

How does lowering your house temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit sound? Pretty good, right? Simply turning off your lights can do just this. One reason turning off the lights makes that much of a difference is due to air conditioners needing to work harder when artificial lights are present in a room.

So don’t forget to turn off those lights when you don’t need them! Your electric bill will also thank you.

Stay Hydrated

When your body temperature rises, you sweat in an effort to cool down. This is why it’s important to stay hydrated when you’re hot because you are losing the necessary fluids that allow your body to keep cool.

Drinking water or fluids with electrolytes in them will prevent you from feeling lethargic and displaying other symptoms of dehydration when hotter temperatures arise.

Ask a Professional

If you have resorted to numerous options but still haven’t found the best solution, it’s time to ask a professional. Getting an opinion on how to properly ventilate your home and keep it cool and make it smell amazing can be a quick fix.

While you may have to pay a professional a small fee for their expertise, keep in mind the money you will be saving in the long term.

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