Chandra daCosta on passion for producing and upcoming projects

Canada’s Chandra daCosta loves producing because each day is different. Producing itself is immensely versatile, with different pathways to grow, allowing anything to be possible. Every project allows her to share a new, unique story, and every interview allows her to learn something new about herself and the world. Her passion for her craft is evident and translates directly into her work.

“I would say my personality is very easy going and not aggressive so I can get things done in a way that everyone involved feels seen and heard, from the cast, to my colleagues and right through to the executives,” she said.

DaCosta is known around the world for her talent, and was even one of only five people selected in the Realscreen Pathways to Mentorship program, a tremendous honor in her industry. She has worked on prolific projects, including Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly, which had a large cultural impact, and worked with Global Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat on his pilot radio show for Timeless Today

Currently, daCosta has quite a few new and exciting projects on the go. She enjoys developing and selling her own projects so that she can have a say in the stories she wants to tell and so that she can continue to connect with people from all walks of life.

“In addition to working with Chandra on several productions, we are also developing several projects together, including an international investigative series. Her ability to connect with people means those with unique stories trust Chandra to help tell them. In this case, Chandra worked tirelessly to track down exclusive voices and research materials, then weaved them together to map out the episodes of the limited series. She brings her endless energy and enthusiasm to writing – and rewriting – pitch materials, to zoom call after zoom call, and to planning pitch strategies,” said Producer Charlotte Glover, who is working with daCosta on their upcoming series Shipped Out.

Shipped Out is an investigative documentary series about safety on cruise ships. DaCosta spent several years working on cruise ships prior to becoming a producer, and is passionate about the industry.

“I am a huge advocate for cruising. I love it and I want it to be a safe way for people to travel and explore the world. As an example, the Costa Concordia was a huge maritime disaster and I want to make sure the cruise lines address the safety issues that contributed to this. I know and worked with Captain Francesco, and nothing would be more rewarding than having this story come out,” said daCosta.

On top of Shipped Out, daCosta is currently developing a transformational series that will take place in a US prison. This currently untitled prison project is a transformational series based out of a US correctional facility. Imagine taking the most hardened criminals and transforming them into caring, socially responsible and productive citizens. These transformations will be both gripping and heartwarming, as the audience witnesses these inspiring stories of what a person is capable of in their search for freedom and redemption, despite troubled and tortured pathways.

“Working with Chandra is a very positive experience as her attitude and work ethic are unparalleled. She’s always thinking of new ideas and she’s always problem solving when the inevitable roadblock presents itself,” said Executive Producer Benjamin Ringe, who is working with daCosta on this project.

DaCosta is also currently working on her own scripted project, based on her real life on cruise ships and living in Spain. The series, titled EXPATS, follows four couples living in an expat community where the men leave for months at a time to work as officers on cruise ships. Secrets, affairs and insecurities all come into play

“I think giving a glimpse into the world I used to be part of will be eye opening as we all lived very private lives as expats, but in a non-conventional life,” said daCosta.

DaCosta is also working on a home reno show with a unique spin called Second Chance Renovations. It is a heartwarming home renovation show where the owner of the company, hires only former incarcerated individuals to give them a second chance at life and learn they can live a life that is meaningful. By teaching them practical skills and showing compassion for their journey, the host of the series is truly an angel and gives people a second chance at building a life they can be proud of.  

“I love the concept of having a home renovation series with heart. This show gives people with past felonies a second chance at building a life and contributing to society in a healthy, happy, heartwarming transformational way,” said daCosta.

You can also keep an eye out for daCosta’s work in the upcoming film Behind the Screen, which tells the remarkable true story of American musician Abbie Conant and her legendary legal battle against the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra to obtain her legal right as a woman.

All of daCosta’s past and upcoming work is a can’t miss, so keep an eye out for these exciting new projects when they make their way to your screen.

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